Tascam MM-2D-E 2 2-Channel Mic/Line Input/Output Dante Converter with built-in DSP Mixer

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2-Channel Mic/Line Input/Output Dante Converter with built-in DSP Mixer



Built-in DSP 2 mic/line input / 2 line output Dante converter to respond to various needs of contractor market and professional audio scene.

The MM-2D-E is a compact converter that converts 2-channel mic/line input/output signals into Dante signals. With half the size of a standard 1U rack, the MM-2D-E is suitable for different Dante systems as an exquisite analog output unit. The built-in DSP mixer enables small scale systems to fully perform with a variety of input/output models the TASCAM Dante Compact Processor Series offers. MM-2D-E supports up to 96kHz/24bit and uses Euroblock connectors for analog mic/line input/output.




2 mic/line input/output, 4 Dante input/output

The MM-2D-E can either convert 2-channel mic/line input signals into 2 Dante output signals, or 2 Dante input signals into 2-channel line output signals. In addition, it also supports 4-channel Dante input/output as well, making it possible to use audio sources within an established Dante network.

Half-rack size Dante Compact Processor Series

The Dante Compact Processor Series has a line-up of models with different input/output specifications:


MM-4D/IN, 4-channel mic/line input

ML-4D/OUT, 4-channel line output

MM-2D, 2-channel mic/line input/output

AE-4D, AES/EBU 4-channel input/output

For analog input/output models, the branch extends with units equipped with Euroblock or XLR connectors that users can choose depending on their usage. By combining multiple different units all at once, it is possible to match and introduce them into various systems.

Optimal input/output unit for different Dante systems

The Dante Compact Processor Series provide easy additional mic/line or AES/EBU input/output to several situations and places such as public facilities, broadcasting stations, recording studios, etc. where Dante systems are being used. They are the optimal input/output unit for small scale environments.

Structuring small scale systems with the DSP function

The Dante Compact Processor Series are equipped with a matrix mixer that includes a DSP feature with compressors, parametric EQs, limiter, delay, etc. functions. From the input of microphone signals to the output of powered speakers; also applicable with recording/playback systems, the Dante Compact Processor Series can build up a complete small system on their own.

Flexible routing

Routing to each Dante device is easy via Dante controller. Input/output units can be added flexibly to new or already established Dante systems.

Compatible with Dante Domain Manager and AES67 mode

The Dante Compact Processor Series are compatible with Dante Domain Manager, which features security functions and enables the use of wide-area networks. This helps the Dante Compact Processor Series access easily to Dante systems using already established network infrastructures. With the AES67 mode, connection to AES67 network systems is also possible.


The advantages of introducing Dante Network Audio

These are some of the benefits provided when adopting Dante Network Audio:


Reduction of system costs

It is possible to have a maximum transmission of 128ch I/O with one single CAT5e cable. This leads to fewer cables needed, not to mention the reduction of costs on wiring and space for cable pits.

Improved connection flexibility

All equipment can be freely connected and routed by applying star connections.

About Dante

Dante is a transmission protocol developed by Audinate. It enables multi-channel transmission (512ch IN/512ch OUT) and word-clock sync with high accuracy via network with gigabit Ethernet standard.

For further information about Dante, please visit Audinate’s website:


Spec description

Formats and channels44.1/48/88.2/96kHz,16/24-bit, 2 channels
Input/output ratings 
DATA/DATA+PoE connectors 
Transmission protocolDante
Gigabit Ethernet standard1000BASE-T (IEEE 802.3ab)
Cablescategory 5e or faster STP cables
ANALOG IN connectors 
ConnectorEuroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch
Minimun input level-74 dBu
Maximum input level+26 dBu
Input impedance2.0 k or higher
ANALOG OUT connectors 
ConnectorEuroblock (balanced) 3.81 mm pitch
Nominal output levels+4 dBu (when Ref. Level not -9 dBFS)
+6 dBu (when Ref. Level set to -9 dBFS)
Maximum output level (switchable)+15 dBu (Ref. Level: -9 dBFS)
+18 dBu (Ref. Level: -14 dBFS)
+20 dBu (Ref. Level: -16 dBFS)
+22 dBu (Ref. Level: -18 dBFS)
+24 dBu (Ref. Level: -20 dBFS)
Output impedance200 or lower
Control input/output 
External control connectors(LED/SWITCH) 
ConnectorsEuroblock 3.81mm pitch
LED connectors 
Output formatopen collector (10 output impedance, 48V withstand voltage, 35mA maximum current)
Low level maximum output voltage0.5 V
SWITCH connectors 
Maximum input voltage5.5 V
High level minimum input voltage2.31 V
Low level maximum input voltage0.99 V
External control connectors (CONTROL) 
ConnectorsEuroblock 3.81mm pitch
10V/CONTROL/GND connectorsConnect variable resistors (10k recommended)
PowerPoE class 0
TASCAM PS-P1220E AC adapter (sold separately)
Power consumption6W
Dimensions214 x 44.45 x 136.1 mm (W x H x D, including protrusions)
Weight878 g
Operating temperature range0C-40C
Included itemsInstallation brackets, Euroblock plugs, Cable band kit, Owner's manual (including warranty)


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