Tascam 240GB Solid-State Hard Drive For DA-6400

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SSD designed for the DA-6400/DA-6400dp

This SSD has been designed for the TASCAM DA-6400 and DA-6400dp to ensure hours of glitch-free recording.


Achieve long recordings

The TSSD-240A can handle 64 channels of recording at 48kHz/24-bit for up to 7 hours and 12 minutes, and the TSSD-480A / TSSD-480B can handle 64 channels of recording at 48kHz/24-bit for up to 14 hours and 26 minutes. The TASCAM TSSD drives are useful when it comes to capturing long hours of recording such as for music festivals, concerts, and rehearsals.

Careful selection of components for high operational stability

Most SSD drives can see a big reduction in writing speed as files get fragmented due to repeated writing. If the drive slows down in the middle of a 64-track recording, you might see dropouts in your recording. Through research and development, TASCAM has learned that this effect can be minimized when using the right control IC for reliable recording performance. The result is our TSSD series of custom hard drives, designed for the challenges of high-channel-count recording.



* Additionally, performing a "FULL FORMAT (ERASE)" from the DA-6400 initializes the SSD for greater stability from the beginning of the session.

Reliability is assured by using only specified and approved parts

We worked in cooperation with the media manufacturer to ensure only components (control IC, memory device, etc.) that were confirmed to work with the DA-6400/DA-6400dp are implemented to the TSSD drives. By specifying all components, there is less chance these are changed due to trivial production reasons, and we can assure high-stability through all units.



Fully Formatted SSD

We conduct a thorough format process before shipment so the SSD can be used immediately after purchase. This also serves to test the units beforehand to prevent individual unit failures in the field.


Secure Support System

Suspected defects can be dealt with at the time they occur and data analysis can be performed to find a particular cause.

Spec description

Form Factor        2.5inch

Interface             SerialATA Rev.1.0(1.5Gb/s) / 2.0(3Gb/s) / 3.0(6Gb/s)

* Uses Serial ATA Revision 2.0 when operating with modelDA-6400

Capacity              240GB(TSSD-240A)/ 480GB(TSSD-480A, TSSD-480B)

Vibration tolerance (when idle)   

20 G peak, 10-500 Hz (TSSD-240A, TSSD-480A)

15 G peak, 10-2000 Hz (TSSD-480B)


Mean time between failures (MTBF)          2,000,000 hours

Consumption current       Duringfile-write: 0.88 A/When idle: 111 mA (TSSD-240A, TSSD-480A)

During file-write: 0.53 A/When idle: 110 mA (TSSD-480B)

Storage temperature range         -40 - 85C (TSSD-240A,TSSD-480A)

-55 - 95C (TSSD-480B)

Operating temperature range      0- 70C

Weight  Approx. 63g(TSSD-240A, TSSD-480A)

Approx. 75g (TSSD-480B)

Accessories         Owner'smanual

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