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About Us

ADK Media Group, LLC was born in 1998 as Advanced Design of Kentucky. Founded in a garage by Scott Chichelli as a hobby to feed his computer geek habits, the company rapidly grew into a full time job. For over 15 years, we have been designing PC's for audio and video environments, as well as providing complete turnkey integration.

ADK is now housed in a 4000 sq ft facility in Alexandria, KY, just outside of Cincinnati, OH. We provide full turnkey integration with PC's and Mac's for audio and video production, and we also stock and sell a large line of professional gear and software for both audio and video applications.

We are committed to providing the finest possible service and selling the best products available at a fair price. All of our computer systems are custom built using only top of the line components that we have tested and verified for their performance and reliability. We strive to provide systems that feature the latest technology while still keeping with philosophy of quality at a fair price.

While ADK is still rapidly growing, we continue to be a small family run business, with a friendly small business attitude and personal service. When you call us, chances are you will be speaking to someone who shares the same passion that you do for audio or video. Many of us have home studios and are musicians. We are very passionate about our work with audio video and computer technology, so this isn't just our job- it is our passion.



Scott Chichelli

Job titles:

Purchaser, R & D, Sales, Accounting


Eric Bowen

Job titles:

Tech Dept Manager, Head of Video Editing Dept, Quality Assurance (Video and audio), Support, Sales, R & D, Technician.


Chris Ludwig

Job titles:

Head of the Audio Dept, Quality assurance (Audio), Support, Sales, R & D, Technician, Web development, marketing.


Dave Bond

Job titles:

Production manager, (if you want to know where your system is email him) 1st level support, Quality assurance (Video/Audio)


Justin Hartig

Job titles:

Technician, QA


Deborah Chitwood

Job titles:

Secretary, Book keeper. Accounting