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Each studio has different needs, from home videos to feature-length films, from editing to live-streaming, as well as capturing and broadcasting live events. Each need requires sometimes a vastly different setup and budget. With that in mind, we found it impossible to individually list all possible configurations of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, or Lightroom for each need and therefore have the system configurations so that we may design a system based on your needs.

It is recommended you contact us to discuss your needs before purchasing a “Turnkey” Video Editing Computer from ADK

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Storage FAQ:

For Adobe VIdeo Editing Systems, we recommend a minimum of 3 hard drives. One drive for the operating system and programs. SSD drives are great for this. One drive (or Raid Set) for source files (Media Files), and the third (or Raid Set) for Export (Rendering Final Output), lastly a 4th for Media Cache if you are a higher end user. (Raw Media, Heavy Animation, etc.)

For AVCHD, XAVC, XDCAM, DSLR, AVC Intra, ProRes, DNxHD/DNxHR, or Red 4K 2 sets of raid 0 is highly recommended. For Red 5K and others, it varies based on workflow and effects/layers. Generally, a large 8+ drive Raid array is recommended.

You may also want to consider adding an archival or backup drive or tape-based backup to protect your work from diaster.

We offer a full line of external storage solutions from Areca, CineRAID, and others. Please contact us to discuss your storage requirements

Storage FAQ:

An external drive, such as a Thunderbolt 4/USB3.1, USB3 or NAS units are great solutions especially for large capacity and/or high speed storage. Even though these do take up some desk or rack space, they can be easily detached from the computer and store in a safe location until it is needed.

While Raid 5/6 is a nice way to achieve redundancy, again you should still have an external solution.

When it comes to hard drive space, more is better, you do not want to fill your drives past 65%, especially Solid State Drives. While compressed video such as XAVC doesn’t really take up all that much space, if you are running other 4K+ media, you can quickly fill drives. More importantly is HDD thoughput.

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The following reviews the approximate drive space usage and speed required for several common types of video:

Codecs usable on single drives: AVCHD, H264, H265, XAVC, XDCam, AVC Intra, ProRes, DNxHD, R3D 4K

Codecs recommended on raid 0 or SSD’s: R, R3D 5K/6K/8K, Aria Raw

4K+ formats requiring SSD raids or large SAS raids: Cinema DNG, EXR (depends on bit rate used), TIFF (sequence of still based formats)

Systems with more cores/threads are ideal for Adobe with most professional codecs. Some codecs such ass MP4, H264, H265 can limit core/thread performance. Systems with 128GB of ram or more are recommended with better video cards with more Vram.

We recommend configuring our systems with the Samsung 9800 NVMe gen 4 drives for the OS for best interfacing experience and performance.

Most Videographers will find their Adobe Premiere Pro CC needs can be met with our ADK AMD TRX Forge workstation for maximum stream count, effects, and animation. An AMD Threadripper 3 3970X 32 Core/64 Thread CPU is tough to beat for the majority of people needing to do HD, 4K, 5K, 6K and 8K production.


The ADK TRX Forge features AMD’s TRX40 Chipset and the latest Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processors. Additional features include up to 256 gigs of DDR4 Ram, PCIe 4.0 slots and M.2 ports, Dual, Triple, or Quad DVI Graphics, Mid-Tower, Full Tower and more options available.

For professional producers who need to run large numbers of streams and effects, serious animation, or composing, VR/AR design and want maximum performance you may want to consider the Intel i9 10 core and higher CPUs and X299 board with 7 x PCIe 16x slots which are available with our ADK 4500 X299-R.

ADK 4500 X299-R

Combining Intel Gen 9 Workstation processors with Intel’s x299 chipset and Nvidia RTX GPU’s offering the high performance computing Davinci Resolve or Adobe 4K/5K/6K/8K Motion Graphics Digital Video Workstation.

Professional Videographers and producers working with 4K, 6K, 8K, Red, uncompressed, etc. will find their needs met with our workstations for maximum stream count, effects and medium animation are hard to beat. Especially when using SSD based Raid storage from CineRAID/Areca.


A low cost yet powerful solution for HD & 4K video and photo editing. Compatible with all major video and photo software including Adobe. Featuring up to 64 gigs of DDR4 Ram, tons of connectivity for all modern video and audio interfaces and control devices, and fully customizable to suit your needs.

Great for HD video, Web-based HD video production, streaming, Photoshop, Desktop Publishing. Especially if you are on a tight budget.

ADK Z590 Model FX

Professional Digital Video and Graphic Design Workstation featuring Intel’s Gen 11 and 10 i7/i9 processors, up to 128 gigs of DDR4 Ram, and many other customizable options.

Perfect for professional HD 1080p, 4K, & 6K video production using Adobe CC, Photoshop, Desktop Publishing or as an extra rendering/capture system. This system packs a punch without knocking out your wallet.

ADK WRX Foundry

The ultimate 4K to 8K+ Motion Graphics Digital Video Workstation ideal for various workflows including VR/AR/XR and HPC & Digital engineering based on AMD’s WRX80 Chipset and latest Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper Pro Processors.