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32x34 Professional HDX/TB 2 & USB 2 & ADAT/MADI & SPDIF
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                    Orion32 HD | Gen 3

                    64-channel HDX & 64-channel USB 3.0 Audio Interface


                    Antelope Audio’s HDX-ready 32-channel AD/DA converter has become an industry-leader, achieving a phenomenal dynamic range of 136 dB at the Monitoring D/A section! With upgraded conversion and refreshed design, the Orion32 HD | Gen 3 will make your productions and live shows sound like nothing else on the market.


                    Major improvement in the Line Out DACs & Line In ADCs


                    D/A Monitor Converter

                    Dynamic Range: 136 dB

                    THD + N: -120 dB


                    A/D Converter

                    Dynamic Range: 124 dB

                    THD + N: -112 dB


                    D/A Converters

                    Dynamic Range: 129 dB

                    THD + N: -120 dB


                    Refined looks


                    A gorgeous Black faceplate adorns the Orion 32 HD | Gen 3’s front panel.


                    Key Product Features

          FPGA-based low latency effects modeling legendary studio gear worth thousands

·                  Pro Tools HD and Native-compatible

·                  Streaming of 24-bit, 192 kHz audio via HDX or USB 3.0

·                  Flawless 4th Generation 64-bit clocking and jitter management

·                  Additional connectivity on MADI, ADAT, S/PDIF, 8x DB25

·                  Mastering Grade monitor outputs

·                  Housed in an efficient “green design” fanless chassis

·                  Network Control from multiple computers

·                  macOS and Windows compatible


                    Explore Vintage Studio Equipment

                    The Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 features a suite of effects coming from Antelope Audio’s vast library of FPGA FX models.


                    FORGET ABOUT LATENCY

                    Stream 64 audio channels via HDX & USB 3.0


                    Compatible with any DAW via HDX or USB 3.0, this new Pro Tools HD and Native-ready interface represents everything Antelope Audio stands for. Zero-latency monitoring, streaming of 64-channel 24-bit/192 kHz audio, flawless clocking, pristine AD/DA conversion, extensive connectivity, and more.


                    FAST AND LUXURIOUS

                    Smooth mixing and mastering-grade monitoring


                    Like its predecessors, Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 is a versatile audio interface, which works like a charm with any DAW on the market. It enables you not only to stream an astounding 64 channels of audio when tracking, but also allows for multiple monitor mixes. When monitoring, the sound is pleasing, transparent, detailed and natural. Independent software mixers, integrated hardware-based FPGA vintage effects - it’s all there, with more connectivity options than ever.


                    CLOCKING LIKE WE LOVE IT

                    Perfect sound through flawless clocking


                    The unbeatable clocking accuracy of Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 is provided by Antelope’s renowned 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology. Antelope Audio clocking has decades-long reputation for excellence in both stability and sonic improvement. Transients will shine like never before and you’ll achieve a stereo image with incomparable depth and detail. And that crystal clear high-end… yes, we’re talking sonic perfection!




                    Your wildest routing dreams come true with the Orion 32 HD | Gen 3 desktop app


                    Orion 32 HD | Gen 3  is fully controllable via its intuitive macOS and Windows-compatible desktop app. Its color-coded routing matrix now features an alternate view which makes routing a piece of cake. The interface can be also accessed from multiple computers on the same network. With freely movable and resizable panels, you can make the most out of your screen real estate - perfect when working on huge projects, scoring to picture, and on multi-screen setups.





                   4 xDB 25 (32 channels total), +24 dBu max



                   4 xDB 25 (32 channels total), +24 dBu max

                   2 xMonitor Outs on TRS 1/4 Jacks, +24 dBu max


                   D/AMonitor Converter

                   DynamicRange: 136 dB

                   THD +N: -120 dB



                   DynamicRange: 124 dB

                   THD +N: -112 dB



                   DynamicRange: 129 dB

                   THD +N: -120 dB




                   1 xFiber Optic MADI (up to 64 channels)

                   2 xADAT (up to 16 channels)

                   1 xS/PDIF



                   1 xFiber Optic MADI (up to 64 channels)

                   2 xADAT (up to 16 channels)

                   1 xS/PDIF



                   USB3.0 64 channels I/O up to 192kHz,

                   USB3.0 Type B connector




                   2 xmini HDX connectors for direct Pro Tools connection

                   32Channels I/O each ( total of 64 channels)



                   WordClock Input

                   1 xInput @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 192kHz


                   AtomicClock Input

                   1 x10M Input @ 75 Ohms 1Vpp on BNC


                   WordClock Outputs

                   2 xOutputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC 32 192kHz



                   4thGeneration Acoustically Focused Clocking


                   OvenControlled Crystal Oscillator



                   <+/-0.02ppm, oven controlled at 64.5C/ 148.1F



                   <1 ppm per year



                   <+/-0.001 ppm


                   SampleRates (kHz)

                   32,44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192







                   3.6kg/ 8.0 lb ( approx )



                   Width:483 mm / 19

                   Height:44 mm / 1.75

                   Depth:270mm / 10.63



                   ACUniversal input: ~95-245 V

                   PowerConsumption: 30 Watts Max

                    In the Box

                   32 HD | Gen 3 - 32-channel AD/DA Interface with AFC Clocking Technology


                   1 USB3.0 Cable

                   ACPower Cord

System Requirements:




Apple Mac 2012 or [newer] with USB 3.0/3.1  ports..

Minimum  Mac OS 10.12Sierra. Recommended Mac OS 10.14 Mojave

Available Hard Drive Storage Space

Memory (RAM): 4 GB Minimum (8 GB or more recommended)



PC computer with available with USB 3.0/3.1 ports

Windows 10 x64 Bit with latest Microsoft Updates

Available Hard Drive Storage Space

Memory (RAM): 4 GB Minimum (8 GB or more recommended)

(Minimum) CPU: Intel Core i3  or AMD FX or higher.

Additional Information:


USB 3.0 Cable [included with the purchase ]

Minimum 1 GB available Storage Space [Hard Disk Space]

Stable Internet connection to download and update yourAntelope Software.

Core i7  or betterprocessor recommended

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