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Connect 16 Mic Pre Thunderbolt
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Legendary Sound Quality. Complete Flexibility. Incredible Value.

The Symphony I/O Mk II 8×8 MP and Symphony I/O Mk II 16 MP Connect series audio interfaces deliver Symphony-quality sound with robust, high-performance AD/DA converters and Apogee’s Advanced Step Gain Architecture™ mic preamps at unprecedented prices. Using cutting edge components and a simplified, optimized analog circuit design, Apogee engineers are able to place more AD/DA converters and mic preamps on a single module board. The result is a single Symphony I/O Mk II with up 32 mic preamps at an unprecedented price for Symphony Quality and an extremely competitive price for the market. With industry leading sound quality and scalable, high density I/O configurations for Dante®, Pro Tools® HD and Thunderbolt® systems, the Symphony Connect series is the ideal choice for broadcast, live sound, education, post, house of worship and recording studio facilities.


Symphony I/O Mk II Connect Series Highlights

• New Symphony analog input with Advanced Stepped Gain mic preamp and Industry leading A/D Conversion

Mic pre:

— Up to 72 dB of gain in 1 dB increments, noiseless gain adjustment

— +26 dBu maximum input level

— Improved Common mode noise rejection and EMI suppression for optimal performance

— Switchable impedance (2.4k/10k ohms) to support passive mic splitting in Live sound applications

• Control all mic preamps from Symphony I/O’s front-panel, the optional Apogee hardware remote control, or in Apogee control software

• Simplified and optimized signal path – fewer components, higher channel count, same flagship audio quality

• Available in configurations of 8, 16, 24, or 32 flagship mic preamps per unit

• Connect to Dante, Pro Tools HD, and Thunderbolt systems


Professional Solutions

With its I/O flexibility, interface connection options and superior sound quality, the Symphony I/O Mk II Connect series is ideal for any demanding professional environment.


Superior Converter and Mic Preamp Design

Apogee engineers have made it their passion to improve every new flagship product by using the latest in electrical components and designing optimized circuitry that often exceeds the expectations of the component manufacturer. This is the Apogee Advantage. Symphony I/O Mk II is the culmination of this commitment and raises the bar on all Apogee products before it with even better audio clarity and sonic transparency.


Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture Mic Preamps

Apogee has taken a high-end design approach to the mic preamps in the Connect Series I/O modules to achieve the best performance of any audio interface. With Apogee’s Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ Connect Series interfaces feature a mic preamp circuit that is dynamically optimized at different gain settings to provide superior bandwidth, ultra low noise and nonexistent distortion across an expansive gain range of 0-72 dB.


The Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ functions a bit like a finely tuned race car with many gears: optimal circuit performance (low noise and low distortion) is maintained regardless of the gain required. Digitally-controlled analog switches “shift the gears” of the circuit at each gain setting to ensure the best sound and performance. Other mic pres struggle at the extremes of gain – they are essentially “two-gear” circuits.


Analog IN: 16 balanced inputs on 2 DSUB 25-pin connectors

16 microphone preamps with up to 72dB of gain

Featuring Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture

Coax IN: 2 channels of S/PDIF, up to 192 kHz


AES-EBU OUT: 16 outputs on DSUB 25-pin connector

(192k single wide compatible)

Optical OUT: Supports ADAT, SMUX & S/PDIF

ADAT: 16 channels 44.1-48 kHz

SMUX: 16 channels 88.2-96 kHz

S/PDIF: 2 channels, up to 96 kHz

Coax OUT: 2 channels of S/PDIF, up to 192 kHz



Thunderbolt cable (Sold separately)



44.1kHz 192kHz

Latency: 1.35 ms with Logic Pro X (96 kHz / 32 buffer)



Thunderbolt-enabled Mac computer

Operating System: Mac OS 10.9.5 or greater



Apogee Control for Symphony I/O Mk II

macOS 10.12 or greater

Front panel touchscreen

Compatible Software:


Logic Pro X

Any Core Audio application on Mac

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