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Sound Design, Reimagined
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Audio Design Desk
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Sound Design, Reimagined

Whether you’re designing a podcast, a video or your next drop, with Audio Design Desk, you will work faster than you ever thought possible. Guaranteed.

Thousands of Sounds Included

Audio Design Desk comes 35,000 royalty free sounds, loops and music cues. Our in-app marketplace gives you easy access to all of them.

Number of Tracks- Unlimited


Number of Regions-Unlimited


Weekly Sound Packs


Stereo and Movie Export


Royalty Free On Socials


Royalty Free For Business


Royalty Free Online


Royalty Free Digital Ads


35,000+ Sounds and Music Cues (AAC) 23gb


35,000+ Sounds and Music Cues (WAV) 168gb


AAF, XML, Multichannel WAV, Cue Sheet Export


Royalty Free TV Shows and TV Ads


Commercial, Streaming, VOD


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