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Get all of the usual suspects to connect to Linear Timecode, Word Clock, NTSC/PAL sources, black burst generators, digital audio signals, and Machine Control-enabled systems, as well as Bi-Phase, Tach, and Pilot devices.
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Sync your studio

Keep your Pro Tools rigs and other connected gear in sync—no matter how massive your media production. Designed for Pro Tools | HD systems, Pro Tools | SYNC HD is the ultimate low-jitter master clock, providing near sample-accurate lock to serial timecode. It's a must when working with large-scale music and soundtrack productions. If you have multiple audio interfaces and digital devices in your studio, SYNC HD offers the stability, consistency, and reliability you need to keep everything running smoothly. And with its new lower price, commanding precision is even easier than ever.


Key features

Eliminate distortion

Maintain the highest audio fidelity and performance across Pro Tools | HD and all connected devices. With SYNC HD, you have a reliable, low-jitter master clock ensuring that all audio signals are captured and played back with complete precision and accuracy, so you get pristine, distortion-free audio. And it supports all Pro Tools | HD sample rates, from 44.1–192 kHz.

Clock to a variety of sources

SYNC HD supports all major industry-standard clock sources and timecode formats used in audio, video, film, and multimedia production. These include Loop Sync, Video Reference, Linear Timecode, Word Clock, and more.

Get more details

Set a positional reference

To maintain the highest level of sync accuracy over long periods of time, SYNC HD also supports positional reference sources. These include Linear Timecode (LTC), Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC), Serial Timecode, and Bi-phase/Tach.

Get locked in

When used with Pro Tools | HD systems, SYNC HD provides highly accurate lock to timecode, making it essential for commercial music and post production. If you're using Satellite Link to control multiple Pro Tools | HD systems, you'll need one or more interfaces. You can remotely control the interface from your Pro Tools | HD system, or use SYNC HD standalone. It also provides standard pull-up and pull-down rates, making it easier to work with film and video projects.


System requirements

  • Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD Native, or can be used standalone

Hardware Specifications

Please see the Pro Tools | SYNC HD Guide for technical specifications and other details.



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