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Acoustic Drum Kit Software
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BFD3 Acoustic Drum Kit Software (Electronic Download) by FXpansion is a host-compatible plug-in and standalone acoustic drum modeling application. The software license entitles the owner to install the software on up to three separate machines, provided only one machine is used at a time. This version of the software features five new drum kits recorded in two different studios (one drum kit recorded with sticks, brushes, and mallets), a new extendable interface, a new browser, a new drum editor and mixer, new playing style articulations, new grooves and groove creation, and a new lossless-compressed data management system.

New Audio Data
Features five new drum kits, one of which (Custom Maple) was recorded in three versions: sticks, brushes, and mallets
New Articulations
Includes snare rim click, hi-hat splash and bell tip hits, and tom rim shot and rim click articulations
Lossless-Compressed Data
Features a new lossless audio decompression system, the .BFDLAC (BFD3 Lossless Audio Compression) file format, which allows audio to take up less disk space and use less system resources when streaming from the disk
Extendable Interface
Allows you to stretch the visual user interface horizontally to utilize a larger working area for the mixer, FX slots, and Groove Editor
New Layout
Includes permanent browser view, consolidated kit and mixer page, switchable kit display and effects editor, hide able drum editor, and flexible key map panel
New Browser
Includes presets, kits, drums, and grooves tab button for accessing content as well as drag and drop and double click loading of settings
Processed Drums
Allows you to save drums, drum editor, mixer channel, and inserted effect settings with the push of a button
New Kit Display
Features a top-down overhead blueprint view of the drumkit in the editor
New Drum Editor Parameters
Includes velocity dynamic control, range control between loudest and quietest velocity layers, and velocity curve response
Features loudness variation and tone variation for adding variety to patterns to make them sound more human and less robotic during playback
Custom Choke Fades
Provides control over choke fades for each kit element from within the drum editor with the option of saving these settings using the processed drums feature
Tom Resonance, Spill, and Cymbal Swell Modeling
Uses DSP-based modeling augmentation of sample playback to produce more realistic and natural sounding drums by adding the sympathetic resonance between different parts of a kit, bleed between different microphones, and the buildup swell of energy on a cymbal after repeated consecutive hits
Dampening and Hi-Hat Tightening
Adjusts the offset of dampening amounts between direct and ambient microphones and the ability to adjust the tightness of the hi-hat response
Kick, Snare, and Ambient Channel Mixing
Allows kick, snares, and ambient channels to be combined into a common auxiliary channel for simplified mixing or expanded into individual microphone channels for complex mixing
Additional Microphone Channels
Provides additional microphone channels such as mono or hardware-compressed rooms for expanded mixing flexibility
Mixer Channel Modes
Allows you to switch between different view modes for effects, sends, and tweaks of all channels simultaneously as well as fader mode for adjusting channel levels
Fully Assignable Mini Mixer
Assigns a combination of mixer channels to a common mini mixer panel
External Sidechain Input
Allows external audio signals, such as a bassline, to drive sidechain effects such as compressors, gates, and effect envelopes
Dedicated Metronome Channel
Provides independent metronome channel with adjustable tempo and output level
New Effects
Features algorithmic reverb, 8-band EQ, and DCAM-modeled enveloper shaper and distortion effects
New Grooves
Includes 1000 new grooves in a range of genres including the playing styles of Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty), Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion), Bobby Jarzombek (Halford), Peter Erskine, and Stanton Moore
Paint Tool
Enables creation and editing of drum rolls and other rudiments such as paradiddles
Palette Independent of MIDI Notes
Separates groove slots from explicit connection to MIDI notes and also allows for the assignment of palette notes to MIDI notes
Key Maps
Features horizontal and vertical keyboard views, drag and drop mapping, velocity splitting on a key, and manually assignable control of new articulations
Automation Maps
Utilizes a learn mode system and 'map to next' function to control automation parameters

Minimum requirements:

Core2Duo 2.0ghz (or equivalent)


7200rpm mechanical hard disk or fast SSD

Windows 7 or later (Windows)

OSX 10.6.8 or later (Mac)

Internet connection for authorization and downloads

USB 2.0 port for installation

Recommended for high detail settings:

Quad-core processor or faster (Core2Quad, i3, i5, and i7, orequivalent)

3GB DDR3 RAM or higher

Dedicated drive for audio content

3 install options:

18GB, 27GB or 55GB disk space required

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