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Boundary Condenser Microphone



Start your live talk show right away


Perfect for meeting rooms, podcasts film production and studio work. the TASCAM TM-90BM Boundary Microphone provides a low profile option for many common audio recording tasks. Designed primarily for tabletop use, the TM-90BM captures sound by way of a hemispherical pickup pattern and is a great way to capture recordings of podcast groups or meeting attendees without having to bother with multiple mics and submixers. The TM-90BM may also be placed on floors or walls to capture drum kits, acoustic pianaos, guitar, percussion and more.

One way to improve the experience of viewers watching live streaming online is to ensure you're podcasting with a clear and high-quality audio. To improve your audio sound, the quality of your microphone is just as important as other audio gears you choose for sound improvement.


However, despite this, using standard condenser microphone may not be the best choice in circumstance where it requires multiple mics for guests in talk shows. In addition to this, these mics may be seen all the time in the entire video.


The TM-90BM is a boundary condenser microphone and is perfect for talk shows with a group of guests. It allows you to capture multiple voices simply by placing the microphone on a table, so you can record the conversation in high quality audio without the clutter of too many microphones. Of course, online streaming isn’t the only place this mic can come in handy. The TM-90BM can be used in many other ways as well, including audio recordings for meeting minutes.


Experience the difference in quality for your next talk show with this discrete yet powerful microphone.

Pocasting talk shows with guests

In online podcasting, talk shows often include invited guests. With the TM-90BM, all you have to do is place the mic on a center table, supply it with phantom power, and you're ready to go. Even in situations in which multiple guests are involved in a conversation, you can still record everyones’ voices clearly with only one unit of TM-90BM instead of preparing extra microphones for each guest.


If you set up a TM-95GN for another MC host, you'll have everything you need to facilitate and record a top quality talk show.

Recording conversation during a meeting

Transcribing meeting minutes demands clear audio to record content accurately. While supplying each participant in the meeting with their own microphone might be ideal, setting up an massive audio system would be difficult and costly. Using the TM-90BM means you can cut back on the number of microphones needed while still ensuring clear recordings. Its flat and compact design also prevents distraction by the presence of microphones for guests and will therefore be able to proceed the meeting efficienctly.

Features at a glance

Back-electret condenser microphone

Half super cardioid (Unidirectional)

9 to 52V phantom power supply

BASS TILT switch to eliminate unwanted low frequencies

Includes hard carry case

Includes dedicated patch cable(XLR male output, 9.5 ft. / 2.9 m)

Spec description

ModelBack-electret condenser microphone
DirectivityHalf Super Cardioid (Unidirectional)
Frequency response50Hz to 18,000Hz
Output impedance150
Load impedance> 1k
Sensitivity35dB 3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Max SPL140dB (at 1kHz=1% THD)
S/N ratio68dB
Connector3 pin XLR, Male (dedicated patch cable) 1
Phantom power9V to 52V
Dimensions (WHD)6.7" 0.94" 3.2" / 170 24 81.5 mm
Weight9.2 oz. / 260 g (excluding cable)
AccessoriesHard carry case, Dedicated patch cable (converted, 9.5 ft. / 2.9 m)
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