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Drum Overhead Miniature Condenser Microphone
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The AKG C430 miniature condenser microphone is designed specifically for use as a cymbal and overhead microphone for drums. The miniature condenser design yeilds an impressive frequency response, ideal to handle a variety of applications. The cardioid polar pattern limits a significant amount of off-axis signal, making it easier to handle in noisy environments and where feed-back caused by near by monitor speakers may occur. The microphones EQ curve accentuate the frequency range of cymbals, there is no need for any additional EQ settings. It's compact light-weight design makes it portable and easy to mount.

Tailored Signal Response
The C430 offers a frequency and signal response tailor made for cymbal and drum overhead capturing. There is no need for additional EQ settings.
Phantom & Battery Powered
The microphone excepts 9 to 52 Volts from either battery or phantom Power source.
Miniature Design
The compact design gives the microphone its portability without sacrificing durability.
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