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Cardioid Studio Instrument Condenser Pencil Microphone
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The C 451B features a light diaphram, minimizing handling noise, and a switchable 75Hz/150Hz highpass filter, eliminating low-end rumble. The High Pass filter enhances the "airy" character of the audio signal, and thus the microphone is a viable solution for overhead cymbal or hi-hat recording.

The C 451B provides a flat, on-axis frequency response, capturing the performance without any signal coloration. The microphone provides both 12V and 48V phantom power, with selectable 10dB/20dB pads included for better signal management.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
The Cardioid pick up pattern is useful in situations where off axis leakage is a problem. The 451B attenuates around the off-axis (side) sections of the microphone resulting in a directional pick up pattern.
Switchable Pad
Switchable 10 dB or 20 dB pads increase the microphone's SPL capability when close-micing, high-energy sound sources or driving preamps or mixers with limited headroom.
Switchable Highpass Filters
Switchable highpass filters (75 Hz or 150 Hz, 12 dB/octave). High pass filters accentuate mid and high end pressence by eliminating unnecessary low end frequencies. Often used when recording cymbals on drum kits.
Fixed Capsule
To eliminate the mechanical problems of screw on capsules, the 451B features a fixed capsule, designed after the classic CK 1.
Flat Frequency Response
Ruler-flat on-axis frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz (± 1.5dB) assures accurate recordings without any added coloration.
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