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VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (Academic/Govt/NonProfit)
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VEGAS Pro 17 Edit Upgrade

Powerful video production & audio editing30+ NEWFEATURES. EFFICIENCY REDEFINED.




Create nested timelines to organize projects and speed upyour workflow. Easily move back and forth between nested and the main timeline.Or, access your nested timelines as independent VEGAS projects, so you canshare parts of your project for a colleague to work on while you maintaincontrol over the master project.






VEGAS Pro 17 now makes your color-correction workflow fasterand more efficient than ever. With the Color Grading panel, streamline yourworkflow in a quick, efficient, logical process that’s cohesive, comprehensive,and easy to use. Switch to different timeline events and begin grading theminstantly.




HLG HDR Color Support


VEGAS Pro 17 continues to lead the way in HDR editing with astart-to-finish workflow. Take advantage of GPU-based open color I/O processingto work in the new ACES 1.1 color standard, including HLG support, HDR colorgrading, HDR video scopes, internal and external HDR preview, and complete HDRdelivery options.





Optical-Flow Slow Motion


Create even slower, even smoother slow motion with nativetools built on proprietary optical flow technology which analyzes one frame tothe next and then creates intermediary frames between them. The result:silky-smooth slow motion for results like never before built right into VEGASPro 17.




GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC


Take advantage of GPU acceleration for smoother timeline playbackin VEGAS. Use the power in your graphics card to preview your project moreefficiently than ever, even with effects, filters, and multiple video streams.VEGAS leverages your computer’s GPU for smoother, quicker playback.






 SteinbergSpectraLayers Pro 6


Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro is one of the world’s mostrevolutionary spectral editing platforms for professional audio editing,post-production and sound design. It transforms your audio data into an uniquevisual experience. Get control over your sound and let your creativity runwild.




Exclusively in Suite




Boris FX Continuum Lens Flare 3D


Gladly used by J.J. Abrams and many other renowned moviedirectors, the highly sophisticated Lens Flare effect gives scenes that certainsomething and is simply an unmistakable, cool visual. With Boris FX ContinuumLens Flare 3D you can now achieve this popular movie effect, too! Fromtraditional lens flares which occure when a point light source is turned towarda camera lens, to even spectacular special effects that are often seen inscience fiction movies, you can play around with it just the way it worksperfectly for you and your movie!


Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects Unit


With Boris FX Continuum 3D Objects Unit you can integrateprecise EPS files into your material and get creative with 3D objects. Distort,modify and split various layers in three-dimensional space. In addition, theintegrated 2D/3D titling plug-in Title Studio delivers 100 new presets and new3D render options for professional broadcast titles and high quality motiongraphics.


Exclusively in Suite


Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit


Your all-in-one blue/green screen keying solution is here!With Boris FX Continuum Key and Blend Unit you can easily chroma key andcomposite your footage just the way Hollywood did in major blockbusters likethe Lord of the Rings, the Harry Potter series and many more. Thanks to the newPrimatte Studio chroma key technology, this Unit offers the ultimate blue/greenscreen toolset!



Boris FX Continuum Lights Unit


With the Academy Award-winning Mocha masking and planartracking system you can add spectacular lighting effects to your films!Generate puffy glowing light, simulate the look of light leaking into thecamera, create textured light from a noise map, animate sophisticated lensflares, laser sword effects, lightning and plasma streams and many more. Thepossibilities are nearly endless!



LUT Export


Got color grading you like? Want to use it on multipleclips, in other projects, or share it with other VEGAS users? To streamlineyour process, export your settings as a LUT in .cube format and then apply itto other clips, even in other projects. Share your settings with others on yourteam.


Planar Motion Tracking


Take tracking objects in to a new plane with Planar MotionTracking. Now tracking objects in your video and pinning other video to themisn’t just for left and right and up and down or objects square to the camera.Track and pin objects moving in perspective, like the side of a building seenfrom an angle.


Warp Flow Transition


Create unique morphing transitions with the Warp Flowtransition. Analyze the last frame of the first clip and the first frame of thenext clip, then automatically create intermediate frames for the appearance ofsmooth motion between the clips. Use it to create cool sci-fi style morphing.


Smart Split Edit


Tired of jump cuts? Use Smart Split to hide them. Choose thesection you want, then Smart Split removes it and automatically transitions theremaining clips together with intermediate frames that hide the jump cut.Quick, easy, smooth, and automatic. No more distracting jump cuts!




Stabilisation on Event Level


If you use only a small portion of a large clip, whystabilize the entire clip? Now stabilize only the part you need with the sameworld-class stabilization at the event level. Speed up your workflow andsalvage shaky clips you thought you wouldn’t be able to use, now much morequickly than ever!


Storyboard Improvements


For even more storyboard and sequencing power, now you canadd the same media file to a single storyboard multiple times with independentin and out points. Perfect for projects build with long video clips. And nowyou can create a separate storyboard for each nested timeline.


Support for 8K Files


Work with 8K video files with auto-generated proxy files tomake editing fast and efficient. Take advantage of 8K resolution for a hugeamount of freedom in panning, zooming, and cropping your footage withoutresolution degradation when you deliver to HD or 4K. Or deliver 8K forsuper-high-resolution projects.

Mesh Warp


So many tools in one, Mesh Warp not only lets you correctdistortions in your video, it allows you to stretch and pinch your video in allkinds of crazy ways on a grid of mapped points. Get a wild, sci-fi look to yourvideo, or map it to distorted shapes for endless creative possibilities.


Screen Capture


With integrated Screen Capture, record one or more computerscreens and audio sources, then import those recordings straight to a newproject with all files automatically synchronized on the timeline. Ideal forvideo streams, instructional videos, or anyone who needs to record what happenson their screens.




Lens correction plug-in


Remove lens distortion like fisheye from your footage withthe new Lens Correction plug-in. Just choose your camera or lens from anextensive list, and VEGAS Pro automatically corrects distortions based on thatlens' profile. Also with manual controls for lenses not on the list or specialeffects.



Improved Picture-in-picture plug-in


VEGAS Pro now gives you greater control of your video insetswith the improved Picture-in-Picture plugin. You have the option of keepingyour video’s aspect ratio, or to change it in two ways: as a parallelogram withparallel opposite sides, or by adjusting each corner individually to make anyfour-sided shape.


Hardware-accelerated lossless intermediate format


Demand the highest quality you can get with our newhardware-accelerated lossless intermediate format. Leveraging NVIDIA GPUs, takeadvantage of this master-quality intermediate for efficient, fast editing orfor top-quality archiving of your video. Requires specific NVIDIA hardware.



ProRes 4444 files with embedded alpha channels


Take advantage of alpha channels in ProRes footage withnative support for ProRes 4444. Make compositing quicker and simpler by usingthe native transparency in your footage with no need to apply keying FX orspecial settings. Great for stock footage with alpha channels like smoke,explosions, fires, and more.


Project Notes window


Leave important reminders with the Project Notes window. Addnotes for yourself and other team members that work in the same project, andresolve notes that have already been addressed. Organize and facilitatecommunication with notes that travel along with your project.




Complete Hi DPI scaling


High DPI mode provides even crisper user interface on yourHigh DPI monitor. Icons and windows appear clearer than ever before. Ease thestrain on your eyes and view your interface in all of its crisp, sharp glory.And as usual, VEGAS Pro still looks great even without a High DPI monitor.


Improved Color Curves


Color grading moves to a new professional level withimproved color curves. Now take advantage of automatic color balance right inthe color curves tool, of course with the option to adjust things manually toreally dial in your desired effect. A powerful tool just got a lot morepowerful.






Ignore Event Grouping


You don’t always need to move every event in your group;sometimes you just need to adjust one or two. Now, you can temporarily ignoreyour event group as you move only what you need, while everything stayspermanently grouped. It’s precision editing made even simpler.


Display event length on event


With the Display Length on Event option, you can see theexact length of your timeline clip events displayed in the event header. Changethe display value to instantly adjust the length of the event with frameaccuracy. No more dragging ends or counting frames.




Delete Track Warning


If you’ve ever inadvertently deleted a clip from yourproject by deleting the track it’s on, VEGAS Pro now has you covered. Be sureyou‘ll be warned if the track you’re about to delete contains any media. Nomore accidents or unpleasant surprises – you know you’re safe!




Confirmation that you want to cancel a render


An accidental bump of the ESC key could once cancel a renderand potentially cost you a lot of time in doubled-up effort. But no more. VEGASPro now asks you to confirm that you want to cancel your render before itstops. Never get near the end of a render and accidentally cancel again.




NVENC 10-bit HEVC rendering


Leverage a qualifying NVIDIA graphics card to use the NVENCcodec for 10-bit rendering to HEVC. Take advantage of the expanded bit depthfor more robust and deeper color in your video than available in 8-bit, idealfor HLG, HDR, or heavy color correction or grading.



Visualize Stabilization motion tracks


When you really need to get detailed results in your videostabilization, turn on Motion Track visualization. The motion track overlaysgive you the information you need for dialing in the perfect stabilizationsettings. Analyze the overlays and set your stabilization settings for optimalresults.



FX indicator for media on event


VEGAS Pro allows you to add FX at the media level, so everytimeline event containing that media will have the FX applied. This buttonallows you to view and access the media FX right from the timeline event. Edit,add, or delete effects, which then apply to every timeline event using thatmedia



Improved White Balance tool


Forgot to white balance, or did auto-white balance let youdown? The improved White Balance tool offers powerful controls for dialing in aperfect color balance on footage which didn’t quite come out right, with a highlevel of precision.  Save footage youthought was ruined.




Audio synchronization for multicam


No more third-party tools needed for quick and automaticsyncing of multi-camera footage. VEGAS Pro now synchronizes media from multiplecameras and audio sources quickly and efficiently based on the audio waveformsof your footage. Perfect for fast, easy editing of multicamera events.


Automatic Slideshow Creator


Sometimes a video isn’t complete without a montage of stillphotos. The Automatic Slideshow Creator makes it quick and easy. Choose yourimages, decide on formatting, transitions, and duration, and then automaticallygenerate a slideshow and insert it directly onto the timeline.






NEW: Nested Timelines


NEW: Complete HDR Color Support


NEW: Optical-Flow Slow Motion


NEW: GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC


NEW: Planar Motion Tracking


NEW: LUT Export


NEW: Warp Flow Transition


NEW: Smart Split Edit


NEW: Support for 8K Files


NEW: Boris FX Continuum Unit effect packages

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