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64 Track Audio Recorder with Dual Power (2 INLETS)
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64-channel Digital Multitrack Recorder



Compact 64-channel digital multitrack recorder/player for Live and Broadcast applications


TASCAM’s DA-6400 is an all-new 64-track recorder that records to an internal SSD drive caddy for live and event recording. Professional I/O options like MADI and DANTE make it ideal for live recording, event capture, or as a backup for critical DAW sessions. Available with a single or dual/redundant power supply, the DA-6400 is an unbeatable option for professional remote recording.


Included with the DA-6400 is an AK-CC25 hot-swappable caddy containing a high-performance 240GB TASCAM solid-state drive. The caddy includes a USB 3 jack for stand-alone use – simply hand the drive to the client to offload the BWAV files into their DAW session. The DA-6400 records 64 tracks at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 tracks at 96kHz/24-bit. Included on the rear panel are SMPTE timecode, word clock, RS-422, parallel and Ethernet connections.


I/O options for the DA-6400 include the IF-MA64/EX interface card, with both coaxial and optical MADI connections. This card includes a redundant coaxial connection so that MADI is passed through even if power is lost, making it an ideal backup recorder for DAW sessions. Other I/O options include the lower-cost IF-MA64/BN coaxial MADI card, IF-DA64 Dante card, and IF-AE16 AES/EBU card, with more to come.


No dedicated recorder combines the high performance, flexible operation, and complete reliability of TASCAM’s DA-6400 solid-state 64-track recorder.




A stable, reliable 64-channel digital multitrack recorder


The DA-6400 uses an embedded operating system for quick startup and simple operation. The system is designed for reliable recording when using high sampling rates and large amounts of data transmission. Files are saved approximately every 20 seconds during recording, so data losses due to unexpected power supply interruptions are kept to a minimum. Recording and playback is supported at up to 96kHz/24-bit (32 tracks) for incredibly detailed master tracks.


The DA-6400 records to solid-state drives (SSD), the ideal format due to their excellent vibration protection, environmental resistance, and simple, maintenance-free operation. TASCAM has created our own SSD, designed for and thoroughly tested with DA-6400 recorders without the automatic "housekeeping" features that can cause disks to drop out of record. Internal components, including IC control elements, have been carefully selected and constantly tested lot by lot with the parts manufacturers to maintain quality specifications.


The included 240GB SSD is pre-installed into a removable AK-CC25 storage case. Using the swappable bay in the DA-6400 unit, drives can be hot-swapped and then given to clients. The AK-CC25 case includes a USB 3 jack for rapid transfer to DAW systems.


Another feature designed to maintain reliable recording is the high-precision internal sample clock, a temperature-compensated (TCXO) crystal oscillator with ±1ppm operation. For the most critical installations, a dual power supply version (DA-6400DP) is available.


Now compatible with SMPTE ST 2110-30

Dante module firmware V1.2.0.0 now supports SMPTE ST-2110-30, which will enable a smooth IP transmission of PCM digital audio for structuring broadcast systems.


* Audinate's provided Dante Domain Manager (DDM) v1.1 or higher is required for the operation of SMPTE ST 2110-30.

For more information about DDM, please visit Audinate's website.




SMPTE ST-2110 is a video and audio IP network standard defined by SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). SMPTE ST-2110 is designed to separately embed and transmit video, audio, and ancillary signals, reducing the de-embedding processing load and network load of each device, while also enabling users to de-embed only the packet data they desire for further edit. ST-2110-30 realizes IP transmission of PCM digital audio, enabling high-precision synchronization using PTP (IEEE1588-2008) and low-latency transmission. It is expected to become a network standard protocol in next-generation broadcasting systems.

The Ideal Backup Recorder


The DA-6400 can receive timecode from a Pro Tools system for backup recording with synchronized operation. Using serial or parallel control, you can start DA-6400 recording operations from Pro Tools.


In a studio or live system that supports MADI, you can use the IF-MA64/EX audio interface card. It supports MADI thru to include a DA-6400 between a mixing desk and Pro Tools (or another main recording system). The IF-MA64/EX features a fully-redundant MADI thru, sending MADI from the input to a another device even if the power is disconnected. No matter which interface you use, a DA-6400 can be installed for a compact, lightweight backup instead of purchasing a second complete system. Dante and AES/EBU interface cards are also available – with more formats coming soon – and two card slots allow the unit to support multiple I/O protocols.


With a one-rackspace footprint and simple BWF transfer to DAW systems, the DA-6400 fits into any professional installation.


Multi-channel playback for theme parks and installations


TASCAM's DA-6400 is the ideal candidate for multi-track playback in installations. The solid-state drive won't wear out after months of use, and the unit can be controlled through serial, parallel, ethernet, or timecode. The SMPTE generator can be used as a master device at any standard frame rate – 24, 25, 29.97DF, 29.97NDF, 30DF, or 30NDF.


Gigabit ethernet is offered for remote control and file transfer. FTP can be used to push files to the device or to retrieve recordings from Mac, Windows or UNIX systems. A built-in FTP client is also included for transferring files to remote servers. SNTP support can also automatically update the clock from internet time sources.


Serial RS-422 (P2) and parallel control is also included for use in post, broadcast, or recording studio operation.


Features at a glance

Supports recording/playback of 64 channels at 48kHz/24-bit or 32 channels at 96kHz/24-bit PCM

The perfect backup recording system for synchronized capture with Pro Tools systems

2.5-inch SSD recording media with excellent vibration and environmental resistance as well as maintenance-free operation.

(Note: HDD support currently under development)

Includes TASCAM SSD – designed with custom controller parts and thoroughly tested using DA-6400 units

Hot swappable AK-CC25 case loads into front-loaded storage bay with USB 3 I/O port for transfer to DAW computer

AK-CC25 with TASCAM 240GB SSD drive included with unit

Hi-visibility Color LCD  (320×120 pixels)

BWF support for storing time information with files

Two I/O slots for optional audio interface cards:

IF-MA64/EX 64-channel redundant (in/out/thru) MADI optical/coaxial interface card

IF-MA64/BN 64-channel MADI coaxial interface card

IF-DA64 64-channel Dante(ST 2110) interface card

IF-AE16 16-channel AES/EBU interface card

SMPTE LTC timecode input and output for location synchronization

Firmware upload over USB port

Parallel remote control input

RS-422 serial remote control (9-pin serial protocol compliant)

Gigabit LAN (1000BASE-T Ethernet) for file transfer, remote control and monitoring over a network

SNTP client functions support for automatic adjustment of the internal clock over a network

Video reference (NTSC/PAL blackburst signals and HDTV Tri-level signals) and word clock input and output/thru

EIA 1U rackmount size

IEC 3-pin inlet

iPad and computer applications for remote control

AC power redundancy built in (DA-6400dp only)

Recording mediaSSD
Note: HDD support also planned in addition to the SSD.
File systemFAT32
File formatsBWF (.wav)
Number of channels64 (1Fs), 32 (2Fs)
Sampling frequencies44.1k / 48k / 88.2k / 96k Hz
Quantization bit rate16 / 24-bit
Timecode frame23.976 / 24 / 25 / 29.97DF / 29.97NDF / 30DF / 30NDF
Signal voltage amplitude0.5V to 5Vp-p
Input impedance10k
FormatSMPTE 12M-1999 compliant
Signal voltage amplitude2Vp-p
Output impedance600
FormatSMPTE 12M-1999 compliant
Input voltage amplitude (WORD)0.5V to 5Vp-p TTL equivalent
Signal voltage amplitude (VIDEO)1Vp-p
Input impedance75 10%
Input frequency (WORD)48kHz
Input signal (VIDEO)23.976 / 24 / 25 / 29.97 / 30 Frame (NTSC/PAL Black burst, HDTV Tri-Level)
Output voltage amplitude5V TTL equivalent
Output frequency (WORD)48kHz
Protocol100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T
ConnectorD-sub 9 pin (female, inch-standard)
ConnectorD-sub 15 pin (female, inch-standard)
ConnectorUSB2.0 A-type
ProtocolUSB 2.0 HIGH SPEED (480Mbps)
Connector1/4" (6.3mm) Stereo Phone jack 1
Maximum output level45mW + 45mW or higher
PowerAC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
*DA-6400dp has 2 power supply inlets
Power consumption21W (At the time of IF-MA64/EX use)
Dimensions (WHD)19.0" 1.766" 12.0" / 482.6 44.7 304.8 mm
DA-64008.6 lbs. / 3.9 kg
DA-6400dp8.8 lbs. / 4.0 kg
Operating temperature32F to 104F / 0C to 40C
Standard accessoriesTASCAM SSD, SSD media case, Power cable1 (DA-6400), Power cable2 (DA-6400dp), USB cable, Rack mount screw kit, Security screw kit, Owners manual (with warranty)
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