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Beta Maxed: Collective Expansion Pack
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Get even more creative with our themed expansion sound packs.

Son of a Beta Maxed

Take your productions back to the future with the sequel to our well-received Beta Maxed sound pack. Drawing inspiration from the synths, bands and hair-dos from 1982 to 1986, you’ll find only the warmest analogue pads, biting leads, lo-fi keys, bodacious drums and more.

Includes 80 fresh sounds from a timeless era.



Throw out any negative vibes and embrace the vibrant sounds of the 70’s with this groovy sound pack. Featuring lush keys, plucky pianos, evocative arps, warm bass and big drums you will be transported to happy land on a magic carpet ride. Elevate the sound of your next production with the Platforms soundpack.


Includes over 70 instrument & drum presets.


Beta Maxed

Take it to the max and slam dance your way through this late 80’s inspired sound pack. Bringing the lush pads, iconic drums and heavy synth riffs that spawned so many memorable sound tracks and questionable fashion moments!


Includes 100 phat sounds and 250 new samples to add to your sonic duffel bag.



Let the electronic creeper take over your mind with this voltaic sound pack. BioTek 2 unleashes its prodigious capabilities on the EDM sound spectrum, with its unique organic textures. The depth of BioTek’s sound engine, means a single patch can be as complex as an entire synthesizer – connecting hundreds of parameters. Prepare to be electrified!


Includes 50 new instruments.


Requires a DAW host software to run and 2.9 GB availabledisk space.


macOS 10.11 or later



Windows 8 & 10



Tested on Ubuntu 18.04


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