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The World's Most Accurate Material Scans
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The World's Most Accurate Material Scans

VRscans is combination of a hardware-based scanning system and a software-based rendering plugin that work together to easily create material properties for creating realistic renderings without the usual workflow of texture maps and tweaking shader settings. This enables a high level of accuracy for visualizing real-world materials in renders.


The process begins with a scan of an existing real-world object surface. VRscans uses BTF (bidirectional texture functions) instead of BRDF approximations (such as Phong, Blinn, Ward, etc) to capture a materials true surface appearance, texture data, and its unique response to light.

All this information is then stored in a unique VRscans material format. This scanned material is then read in to the CG scene using the VRscans plugin and is ready for rendering through V-Ray without much (if any) additional tweaking required to match the original scanned material's surface.

VRscans Plugin – is a workstation (1 GUI + 1 Render Node) license that allows a user to load and render scanned materials. Licenses are offered as monthly or annual rentals. (This includes access to the ever-growing library of physically scanned materials such as leather, fabrics, wood, etc.)

VRscans Render Node – is for users looking to render .vrscans on their render farm. It does not include the GUI.

VRscans Service – for customers looking for full service physical material scans. Visit for more info on this service.


  • Adjust UV tiling – adjust the scale of the texture tiling by interactively clicking on the object's mesh
  • Control the color – tint the color of the original scanned surface to suit your scene's needs by adjusting the Filter color on the scanned material node
  • Easily read information on the scanned object – the scanned material hosts information fields that display information from the original scanned object such as the size of the physical sample used to scan the material.
  • Set the Subdivision level – control quality and speed of reflections by adjusting subdivisions of reflection rays as well as the Trace Depth to set the number of reflection bounces needed
  • Index of Refraction – scanned materials with a clear coat layer, like car paint,  also have an accurate IOR value that is obtained from the scanning process for the surface
  • Adjustable surface bump – the VRscan process stores a built-in bump map for the clear coat layer of the scanned material that can be controlled for the needs of the scene

chaos group vrscans example

VRscans Platforms

VRscans is currently installed with V-Ray on the following platforms:

  • V-Ray 3.0 for Maya
  • V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max

Installing VRscans

VRscans does not need to be installed and is already installed with the typical V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray for Maya installation. However, to use a VRscans material in a scene, a separate license for the VRscans plugin must be available through your USB dongle or Online account for rendering.

License Setup

VRscans is licensed the same way V-Ray and uses either the hardware dongle based license or the new Online Licensing System. Those who already have a dongle for V-Ray will have their VRscans license added to their existing dongle which can be updated easily, as shown in the next section of this page. Those with existing Online Licenses will have the VRscans license added to their accounts. 

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