Digigram 4 I/O for X/LINK AES67

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4 I/O for X/LINK AES67
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IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 is a 1U rack IP audio codec designed for live remote broadcasting and program distribution over IP. It is a perfect fit for delivering stereo and/or mono audio sources over IP networks, for STL, SSL, DVB audio, WEB radio applications and also for full-duplex live remote broadcasts. It is dedicated to full-IP audio infrastructures based on AES67, Ravenna, or Livewire (standard mode) technologies. Like all the IQOYA products, X/LINK-AES67 is based on Fluid IP, the Digigram technology for reliable and resilient audio transmission over all types of IP networks including inexpensive unmanaged IP networks. Based on a low consumption, fanless and powerful hardware platform, IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 is designed for 24/7/365 use.

Key points

Designed for full IP audio environments (supports AES67, RAVENNA, and Livewire standard mode technologies)

Scalable number of supported IP audio input and output channels (from 1 to 8 stereo I/Os)

Simultaneous delivery of input audio programs to transmitter sites, WEB radio CDNs, DVB multiplexers, and other studios, in multiple encoding and transport formats.

EBU/ACIP compliance for interoperability with third-party codecs and any SIP infrastructure.

Multiple levels of redundancy for audio service continuity and failsafe operation: 2 power supply units, 4 network ports with stream redundancy, audio failovers, audio hardware by-pass, and 1+1 hot device redundancy.

Control and configuration via SNMP and Web services for easy integration with codec and network management/monitoring systems.

IQOYA X/LINK-AES67 Stereo to multi-stereo IP audio codec

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