Drone Leg Mount

Litra Drone Leg Mount Adjustable Drone Leg Mount Compatible with DJI 3, 4, Pro and Autel X-Star style Drones.
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Adjustable Drone Leg Mounts that are compatible with DJI 3, 4, Pro and Autel X-Star Style Drones. Each kit comes with 2 adjustable brackets to mount on left and right landing gear / legs.

• Brackets are made with strong, light weight aircraft grade aluminum.

• Brackets are secured to drone with sturdy custom rubber lock rings.

Drone Liability Disclaimer

Users are responsible for safe operation of drone; followingall local regulations and laws for drone operation; and proper mounting oflights to drone. Litra is not liable for any damage to drone, property orpersons during the operation of the drone. Litra is not liable for operatorerror in operation of drone or improper mounting of mounts and lights to drone.USER MUST ENSURE MOUNTS AND LIGHTS DO NOT INTERFERE WITH DRONE ROTOR TRAVELPATH.

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