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64 I/O ADAT to Dante Digital Converter
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The Verto series make integration of digital ADAT and MADI into an existing DANTE network really easy. The compact enclosure of 1RU height and a ½-19“ width saves a lot of rack space. Every Verto device features word clock I/O for external synchronization and is remote controllable via MIDI or MIDI-over-MADI (Verto MX). No matter if used together with our A16 MKII, A32 or Pulse16, or a converter from another brand – simply connect to the Verto via ADAT or MADI – and you’re ready to go!


Remote Control via the Dante Network

Both the Verto series and all other converters from Ferrofish can be remotely controlled via the DANTE Network. If all devices are connected via MIDI, the Verto converts all DANTE audio streams to ADAT or MADI and the control commands sent over DANTE into MIDI remote control messages. The Verto MX offers an additional feature: Instead of a separate MIDI Port the MIDI messages are extracted from the MIDI-over-MADI port.

Verto technical Chart


Technical specifications

DANTE I/O ∙ 2x Ethernet (PRI/SEC) sockets, 1GBit
∙ 64x64 channel Brooklyn II board built-in
(Only Verto 32 & 64)
∙ 4x ADAT Input + 4x ADAT Output, optical TOSLINK (Verto 32)
∙ 32x32 channels at 48kHz, 16x16 channels at 96kHz
∙ 8x ADAT Input + 8x ADAT Output, optical TOSLINK (Verto 64)
∙ 64x64 channels at 48kHz 32x32 channels at 96kHz
MIDI I/O ∙ MIDI Standard 1.0 / 1996
∙ 2x DIN female 5pin In/Out for embedding / de-embedding
MIDI-over-MADI messages
(Verto MX only)
∙ AES 10, 2x optical LC port, 2x coaxial BNC port
∙ 64x64 channels at 48kHz, 32x32 channels at 96kHz, 16x16
channels at 192kHz
Wordclock ∙ 2x BNC In/Out, 75 Ohm termination set to on by default.
Can be changed from software via DANTE.

Fuse ∙ Polyfuse internal, self-resetting
Power consumption ∙ 14.4VA (1.2A at 12V)
Temperature range ∙ +5°C to +45°C
Humidity ∙ <75%, non-condensing
Dimensions ∙ 22 x 9 x 4,5 mm (without rack ears)
Weight ∙ 0,9 kg


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