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Audio CD Fretboard legends Hiram Bullock, Mr. Bill Simms, Nunzio Signoire and others show off their chops in this collection of Delta Blues, Appalachian Folk and gritty Rock performances.
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Produced in conjunction with Frank Duncan and Produnktion Records, (NYC Drum Works, Percussion Works) Fret Works boasts an impressive roster of musicians playing an intriguing variety of stringed instruments, including Hiram Bullock on 6-string, 12-string and slide guitar, Nunzio Signoire on a vintage 6-string Gibson, Mr. Bill Simms on his National Steel, C Nausbaum on mandolin, Nat Harris on guitar and Doug McCaskill on his custom baritone guitar.


This collection is a journey "off the beaten path" capturing the soulful essence of Delta blues, Appalachian folk, and the roots of rock, bluegrass, swing and shuffle. The rare performances were recorded in a musical context with all of the raw energy and "happy accidents" that make a track live and breath.


The phrases are tempo-tuned for easy sequencing, and most are provided in several tempos for flexibility. They're divided into four or eight bar patterns and free-style riffs which can be strewn together in countless ways to create your own unique solos.


The vast musical experience represented in these fine performances will bring your tracks to that next level of quality and musicality.

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