HD10AVA HD Converter (A/D, HD/SD, YPbPr to HD/SD SDI)

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A/D, HD/SD, YPbPr to HD/SD SDI, 4-ch. analog XLR audio to embedded
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Manufacturer Part Number: HD10AVA

SD/HD Analog Composite or Component Video and 4-Channel Analog Audio to SD/HD-SDI with Embedded Audio
The HD10AVA is a miniature, high-quality, audio/video, HD/SD A/D converter. The HD10AVA automatically detects the video input format and embeds the audio inputs in the SD/HD-SDI outputs. The HD10AVA is useful for adding an SD/HD-SDI audio/video output to tape decks or any professional video equipment with analog outputs. The HD10AVA is especially useful for adding HD-SDI outputs to most HDV cameras or decks by using the component outputs of such devices. The HD10AVA uses a breakout cable for audio/video inputs and provides 3 SD-HD-SDI outputs on BNCs.


  • High-quality SD/HD audio/video A/D converter
  • SD component, composite or Y/C video input
  • HD analog component video input
  • Four channel balanced analog audio input
  • 3 SD/HD-SDI with embedded audio outputs
  • 12-bit video, 24-bit audio A/Ds
  • Automatic multi-standard
  • External dip switch configuration
  • 5-18V power
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