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Dream collection of classical percussion

for the modern symphonic composer

The master percussion add-on instrument collection

Orchestral Percussion takes traditional percussion instruments to a whole new level of realism, playability and audio quality. Users of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank will get the majesty of full-range, dynamic timpani, the stirring power of a massive 36” gran cassa orchestral bass drum, the unmistakable punctuation of symphonic chau gongs and piatti cymbals. Also included are the ultra-stylized articulations of three different classical snare drums along with flexible variations of sleighbells, tambourines, triangles, castanets, ratchet, bell tree and many other instruments performed with multiple round robins and recorded with pristine audio fidelity.

Orchestral Percussion is the sequel to IK’s much-acclaimed Cinematic Percussion Instrument Collection that is now being used on film, TV and pop productions the world over.

Specific instruments were chosen for Orchestral Percussion to perfectly complement the Cinematic Percussion set with no redundancy or overlap. Like Cinematic Percussion, IK again enlisted master percussionist Greg Ellis, known for his work on countless Hollywood blockbuster films, to perform the more traditional classical instruments of the Orchestral Percussion Instrument Collection. Musicians should use the two collections together for an unrivaled treasure chest of percussion resources.

The most realistic percussion collection available

The timpani are at the core of Orchestral Percussion. Recorded in stereo at a top Hollywood studio using a carefully constructed array of top-quality Neumann® microphones placed at both mid-front and overhead positions, the timpani have both the presence and subtle ambience necessary to fit into any production from strict classical renditions to epic film cues to punchy pop tracks.

Several timpani drums are placed in the stereo field with gentle but clear panning to provide realistic separation of each drum and the realism and depth expected and demanded of a modern orchestral percussion library.

All instruments in Orchestral Percussion are provided with multiple round robin samples thus avoiding the “machine gun effect” of triggering the same sample over and over. By firing off unique samples for each received note, players will achieve a level of realism only matched by playing the actual physical instruments. Furthermore, multiple velocities are provided for the instruments to give them maximum dynamic range and tonal depth.

Audio loops and MIDI patterns

Orchestral Percussion also includes over over 100 MIDI patterns and over 400 audio loops covering “difficult-to-program” rolls, crescendos and other dynamic performances. Players can work with these files directly in Miroslav Philharmonik 2 or SampleTank, or drag them into the DAW timeline for further editing.

Orchestral Percussion is the essential expansion to Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and it is the perfect companion to Cinematic Percussion for SampleTank. It is voiced for modern symphonic composition with a presence and punch that is also suitable for pop, Hip Hop and even EDM tracks. Orchestral Percussion will add a powerful symphonic quality to any kind of music, and between the sounds, loops and MIDI patterns, this instrument collection works with any kind of production approach.



23 Playable Instruments

Orchestral Percussion Menu

Timpani Med Mallet

Timpani Soft Mallet

Timpani Hard Mallet

Timpani Soft Stack

Timpani Hard Stack

Timpani Deep Stack

Timpani Rolls mp

Timpani Rolls f

Timpani Crescendos

Timpani Crescendos Release

Gran Cassa

Orchestral Snare Drums

Symphonic Gongs

Piatti 20-inch

Piatti 14-inch

Bell Tree Glisses

Orchestral Sleighbells

Orchestral Tambourines

Orchestral Castanets

Orchestral Ratchet

Triangles Keyed Release

Triangles Release+Mute


25 Loop Instruments

Largo Const Kit 1 60bpm

Largo Const Kit 2 60bpm

Largo Timpani 60bpm

Largo Snare 60bpm

Largo Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 60bpm

Moderato Const Kit 1 84bpm

Moderato Const Kit 2 84bpm

Moderato Timpani 84bpm

Moderato Snare 84bpm

Moderato Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 84bpm

Allegretto Const Kit 1 100bpm

Allegretto Const Kit 2 100bpm

Allegretto Timpani 100bpm

Allegretto Snare 100bpm

Allegretto Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 100bpm

Allegro Const Kit 1 120bpm

Allegro Const Kit 2 120bpm

Allegro Timpani 120bpmv

Allegro Snare 120bpm

Allegro Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 120bpm

Vivace Const Kit 1 144bpm

Vivace Const Kit 2 144bpm

Vivace Timpani 144bpm

Vivace Snare 144bpm

Vivace Sleigh-Tamb-Cast 144bpm


Library size

3 GB of content

1,822 samples

411 audio loops

102 MIDI patterns

48 instruments

Also included in

SampleTank 4 MAX

Total Studio 2 Deluxe

Total Studio 2 MAX

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