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8-in/10-out audio interface, programmable mixer, and control surface.2x Ultra-Low Noise μPre Preamps on board DSP, USB Bus Powered MAC/PC
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K-MIX — Audio Interface | Programmable Mixer | Control Surface

K-Mix is an unbreakable 8-in/10-out audio interface, programmable mixer,
and control surface. We've made super clean audio more accessible, so
you can focus on the music.
This is a next generation audio multi-tool that can meet all your needs as
an artist, whether you're in the studio or on the road.
K-Mix features 2 ultra-accurate, high-efficiency, low noise μPre preamps,
and a precision opto-tactile control surface designed from the ground up for
an unprecedented level of control.
With no moving parts, K-Mix can be transported in a backpack without the
fear of snapping off a fader or knob, while still giving you unrivaled audio
quality, mixer functionality, and control.
Three essential devices in one portable package.
The K-Mix is a Swiss Army Knife for the studio and stage. It works as a
high quality audio interface to get your music into and out of your computer.
It is a fully programmable digital mixer with onboard effects, custom
configurable presets, and no moving parts to break off in your bag.
It’s a MIDI control surface with three banks so you can control parameters
of your DAW or external hardware synths and effects right from the board!
Professional Sounding High Quality Audio.
The analog front end of K-Mix boasts ultra-low distortion and noise
combined with a flat frequency response out to 40kHz. This preserves the
crystal clear harmonic content of the source material when mixing and
We use high end AKM convertors for the highest quality sound. Amazingly,
the whole thing can be run on USB bus power, which is simply a marvel of
modern engineering and component design.


Audio Interface
• 8-in/10-out Audio Interface
• Ultra-Low Noise μPre Preamps
• High-End AKM Converters
• 32-bit Floating Point Signal Path
• USB Bus Powered

Digital Mixer
• Per Channel DSP
• Flexible Routing
• Standalone Quad, 5.1, 7.1 and 8.1 Surround
• Mixer Onboard Preset Storage
• No Computer Required

Control Surface
• Ultra-Sensitive Precision Rotaries and Faders
• User Assignable MIDI Controls
• Light Weight and Portable
• Rugged Construction
• No Moving Parts


K-Mix Technical SpecificationsMixerInterfaceOutputs InputsFaders8 channel faders (75mm)12 LED indicators per channel fader1 master fader with 24 LEDsMIDI position CC output on all fadersRotaries4 rotary controls (360)16 LEDs per rotaryMIDI position CC output on all rotariesButtons9 Channel Select Buttons4 Bank Select Buttons17 Function ButtonsMIDI note output on all buttonsControlEqualization 3-band semi-parametric EQ18dB cut/boostCompressorCompressor/Limiter on each channelAdjustable threshold, attack, release, andmakeup gainGateNoise gate on each channelAdjustable threshold, attack, release, andgain reductionReverb Master reverb with individual sends perchannelSurroundQuadraphonic, 5.1, 7.1, and Octophonicsurround outputEach channel assignable to one of foursurround pannersOptional bass management crossoverProcessingAnalog Inputs2 XLR/TRS combo jacks: XLR Mic/Line Inputs (balanced) Hi-Z Inst/Line 1/4 TRS Inputs (balanced)6 1/4 TRS Connectors (line/phono, balanced)Analog Outputs8 1/4 TRS Connectors (balanced)1 stereo 3.5mm TRS headphone output< 50 Ohms output impedance+2.6dBV max output levelDigital 1 Micro-USB (Audio I/O, MIDI I/O, Power)1 Mini-USB (Power, Expander MIDI)ConnectionsInput Channels 8 Balanced InputsSignals up to +28dBuOutput Channels 10 Outputs (8 balanced)Bit Depth 24-bit AKM Converters110dB dynamic rangeSample Rate 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHzInternal Latency ~2.5msAudioNumber 2 ultra low-noise Pre mic presPhantom Power +48V or +12V phantom powerGain +60db additional gainTHD + Noise-105.12 dBu @ 0dB gain, 20Hz20kHz(unweighted)-116.49 dBu @ 0dB gain, 20Hz20kHz(A weighted)EIN -127.0 dBu, 150ohms @ 20Hz20kHz,max gain (unweighted)Frequency Response 0.03dB @ 20Hz20kHz(44.1kHz, unweighted) 0.15dB @ 20Hz40kHz(96kHz, unweighted)Mic Preamps
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