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The BNR Professional (16 node) version supports LightWave, Maya, Messiah Studio, Modo, 3dsMax, C4D, XSI and more! - Includes Grouping, Priority, Split frame and more...
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Manufacturer Part Number: V140000-B6PROSTUDIO

Version 6 now includes the OSX Controller - plus the Large core feature.

ButterflyNetRender (BNR)
Is a Animation Network Rendering Software Manager which is comprised of 2 applications:

  • ButterflyNetRender Controller: This will be installed on one machine and will be used the Control the Rendering scenes - It will communication with the BNR Clients
  • ButterflyNetRender Client: This will be installed on all the machines that will be used for rendering the animation frames. The BNR Client can have 1 or more rendernodes - that can be assigned to a CPU on the machine.


  • BNR OSX Controller now available!
  • Modern User Interface with core features updated.
  • Web Based UI system with the ability for custom changes by the user (HTML5, CSS).
  • C++ engine rewritten with updated toolset and the ability for future expansion.
  • LightWave 2015.1 and 2015.2 support!
  • LightWave 11.6
  • LightWave Automatic system setup
  • Read LightWave scene settings
  • Frame/Thumbnail Viewer
  • Arbitrary Frames
  • Real-time RenderNode Feedback
  • Rendernode CPU and RAM usage information
  • Wake on Lan - Power saver feature
  • Native 64bit Controller! - (includes 32bit version if install on a 32bit OS)
  • Post Process commands (run custom commands after a scene is complete)
  • View Frame Directory/ Frame preview
  • LUA script language support for Scene reading, Pre and Post scene processing (Python support soon...)
  • Email Notification *
  • Email SMS notification *
  • Split Frame feature (Slice frames across more then 1 rendernode) *
  • Multi User support *

(* these features not included in the PE version)

Advanced Features: (Pro versions)

  • Modo automatic system setup
  • Maya Support
  • Maya MR Support
  • Maya RenderMan Support
  • Modo, Messiah:Studio Support
  • 3DSMax Support
  • Kray, XSI, VRay Support
  • After Effects, Nuke, Digital Fusion Support
  • Custom Scene type Support (any command line render application)
  • RenderNode Groups and Collections
  • RenderNode Priorities
  • Read Maya Scene file settings
  • LightWave Support
  • Modo Scene file settings
  • XSI Scene file settings
  • XSI Frame verify
  • and more!
  • bnr_submit.exe - Command line program to add scenes into BNR


System Requirements for ButterflyNetRender

The BNR Controller is a Windows application with a WebUser Interface (accessed from a browser). The BNR Client runs under Windows.



Operating System: Windows 2008, 2008r2, 2013, 2016, Windows7, Windows 8, Window 10

A Shared network directory that the Controller and Clientscan access.

Support rendering software like Lightwave, Messiah, Maya,Modo, C4D, etc

Static IP address/Name for the Controller that the Clientmachines can locate (ping). (The client can also be configured using DHCP)

Private secure network to host the WebUI application.  (Not intended to be hosted on the Internet)



First install the Controller application and configure it.Then install the Client applications. The Clients need to know which IP Address/Name the Controller is usingto configure them.

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