Magnetic Lens Set for Bumble Bulb PAR30

Magnetic lenses for the Bumble Bulb PAR30
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This kit of magnetic lenses for the Bumble Bulb PAR30 contains 4 spreading lenses (17°, 25°, 36°, 60°) and a 40° grid for cutting spill light.


The Standard lens set for the Bumble Bulb Par30 contains lenses with a classic circular beam spread, allowing the expansion of the bulb’s beam of light to illuminate wider areas at the same distance. Including a control grid for spill light these spherical lenses can be used to illuminate objects and people with precise control quickly and repeatably.


Inside the Box:

Circular Beam Spreader 17°

Circular Beam Spreader 25°

Circular Beam Spreader 36°

Circular Beam Spreader 60°

Grid 40° (for use with lenses 40° and wider)

Foam Case

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