MAGIX AG is an international provider of software, online services and digital contents for multimedia communications based in Berlin, Germany. MAGIX has developed software for creating, editing, managing and presenting photos, graphics, videos and music since 1993.

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  1. ACID Pro Next
    ACID Pro Next Suite (Academic/Government/NonProfit)
    As low as $124.95
  2. Audio Master
    Audio restoration, sound design and mastering for Mac
    As low as $119.95
  3. MAGIX Academic Suite
    MAGIX Academic Suite Pro X
    As low as $119.99
  4. Magix LC1 Automatic Realtime Loudness Normalization
    Automatic real time loudness adjustment according to EBU R128 VST plugin PC
  5. MAGIX Music Maker Premium
    Music Maker Premium Edition 2019
    As low as $102.95
  6. Magix Samplitude Music Studio 2020
    Samplitude Music Studio 2020
    As low as $79.95
  7. Magix Sequoia 15
    Networkable Digital Audio Workstation software with extensive recording, editing and mixing functions for PC (Boxed version only)
  8. MAGIX Sound Forge Pro
    Audio Recording, Editing, Processing and Mastering for OS X
    As low as $114.00
  9. MAGIX VR Studio
    MAGIX VR Studio 2
    As low as $114.95
  10. Vegas Movie Studio 16
    Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum
    As low as $60.95
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