Matrox designs innovative, award-winning hardware and software solutions for graphics, video, and industrial imaging applications.

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  1. Matrox Convert DVI Plus
    HD-SDI Scan Converter with Genlock and Region-of-Interest Support! All features previously available only to Windows users are now available to Mac users!
    As low as $995.00
  2. Matrox Mojito MAX Breakout Cable
    Matrox Mojito MAX Breakout Cable
  3. Matrox Monarch
    Professional video streaming and recording appliance. Now works with WOWZA!
    As low as $30.00
  4. Matrox VS4
    Quad HD-SDI Capture Card for Telestream Wirecast Pro. Create video streaming productions that are visually striking and grab your audiences attention. The combination of Matrox VS4 and Telestream Wirecast Pro for Windows lets you switch or mix multiple live video feeds and pre-recorded clips while adding graphics and effects. This solution is ideal for internet broadcasts of sports, religious services, corporate meetings, and other live events. NOW INCLUDES VS4Recorder!
    As low as $1,495.00
  5. Matrox VS4 Recorder Pro
    Matrox VS4Recorder Pro software upgrade from free trial version for use with the VS4 quad HD-SDI capture card. Arrive. Connect. Record.
    As low as $1,195.00
  6. QuadHead2Go Multi-Monitor Controller Appliance
    apable of driving four displays from one signal, Matrox® QuadHead2Go™ Series multi-monitor controller appliances provide complete video wall scalability and flexibility.
    As low as $1,199.00
  7. VS4 with VS4Recorder Pro (Academic)
    Includes Matrox VS4Recorder Pro software and the Matrox VS4 quad HD-SDI capture card for Telestream Wirecast Pro and StudioCoast vMix.
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