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What if you could use dry erase markers on any whiteboard, and automatically save what you write - in color - to share and edit later?
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Replacement Pen Stylus for dry erase expo/sharpie markers: Blue.

  • Whiteboard active area (per device)
    • 1.5 m x 2.7 m (5 ft x 9 ft)landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Positioning for Mimiocapture tray
    • For MimioCapture operation, the tray should be mounted at the bottom left side of the whiteboard, directly under the MimioTeach bar, and attached to the MimioTeach system by the connector bar
  • Recharging tray dimensions
    • 54.7 mm H x 902 mm W x 63.7 mm D (2.2 in. H x 35.5 in. W x 2.5 in. D).
  • Weight
    • Tray: 0.58 kg (1.3 lb)
    • Tray, 4 pens, eraser, connector cable: 1.12 kg (2.5 lb).
  • Controls and indicators on the tray
    • MimioCapture tray serves as a charging station for the batteries inside the pens and eraser.
    • 3 push-button functions on MimioCapture tray: New Page / Copy Page / Print Page
  • Marker Pens
    • Capture Pens use Sanford Expo type dry erase markers.
    • Pens: 171 mm x 32.2 mm x 32.2 mm (6.7 in. x 1.3 in. x 1.3 in.).
    • Lithium-Ion battery recharges while pen is docked in the tray
  • Eraser
    • 76.11 mm x 76.11 mm x 84.3 mm (3 in. x 3 in. x 3.3 in.)
    • 71 mm (2.8 in.) eraser surface.
    • Lithium-Ion battery recharges while eraser is docked in the tray
  • Power
    • Power for the recharging tray comes from a standard USB connector or via MimioTeach wall power supply.
  • Automatic Mode switching
    • Capture mode can be initiated from a MimioTeach system in interactive mode by touching a marker pen to the board, or can be initiated via MimioStudio software.
  • MimioCapture recharging tray
  • 4 marker pen holders with rechargeable batteries
  • 4 dry erase Expo markers (red, green, blue, black)
  • Mimio eraser
  • Connector bar
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