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Always stay on top of the game with the Sport Graphics add-on. This pack contains sources and layers for mimoLive to support sports broadcasts with scorekeeping, timekeeping, game events, team roster and more.
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Sports Graphics Pack

Always stay on top of the game with the Sport Graphics add-on. This pack contains sources and layers for mimoLive to support sports broadcasts with scorekeeping, timekeeping, game events, team roster and more.


Exclusively designed for Mac®

Fully optimized for macOS® to get the best performance out of your Mac

Makes professional live streaming

accessible for everyone


mimoLive brings powerful tools for professional live streaming to your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

It is an all-in-one live switcher, video encoder, editor, and streaming software for Mac, and enables you to switch multiple cameras, insert presentations, add graphics, overlay lower-thirds, social media comments, transparency with green screens, and so much more.

Live streaming is challenging

We know. Directing various cameras for your live show is challenging. Keeping an overview of many tasks like switching the active camera, replay prerecorded sequences, and adding the correct lower third for your interview guest is essential. For a one-person live production that seems almost impossible, but we proved it’s not.

We have a solution for you.


Preparation is key.

mimoLive performs multiple actions simultaneously on single keystrokes, this live stream editor enables you to create great live streams as a one-person production.


Just imagine what you can do if you have a video team, or several mimoLive instances running at the same time.


mimoLive is the all-in-one solution for professional live streaming bringing full support for an NDI® ip-based workflow.


100% made for Apple®

Apple’s computers does not make any compromises when it comes down to performance. That is one reason why we develop exclusively for the Apple® Mac® platform.


Take full advantage of Apple’s technology and architecture without the big compromises of PC compatibility.


Powerful, software-based workflow for live streams

The broadcast industry is going through a digital transformation which fundamentally changes the way we produce live video shows.


Zero configuration

Easy way to operate

Integrates into your existing workflow

Continuous development keeps pace with the latest technology

Use graphics card power to accelerate performance

Getting in touch with your audience

Live video editing has a wide range of applications. Creators use mimoLive in combination with a high variety of cameras, hardware, NDI® and display technologies.

Technical Specifications

mimoLive is a powerful live video editor,

designed to make professional broadcast tools accessible for everyone. This site is about the mimoLive technical specification of this live broadcast software.

Video Switcher for live broadcast

Connecting video sources directly to mimoLive gives you the ability to use multiple video sources at the same time on screen, for example to display two or more cameras simultaneously.

Up to nine video sources

mimoLives video switcher layer supports up to nine video sources. Simply, combine several layers if you need more video options for your show.


Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers

If you need to switch more video sources, mimoLive supports direct control of Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers through an add-on.


Complex Layers

Create your own complex Layers, including application logic, for example to build entire gaming engines. This allows broadcasters to easily implement and test new ideas with very little investment.

Simulcast Streaming Destinations

Broadcast your live video simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.tv, Periscope, Twitter, BoxCast, Screen9, Smashcast, and customer RTMP server. If you are limited in bandwidth, you can use restream services like restream.io .

Graphics Machine

mimoLives powerful graphics engine follows a layer-based concept to compose the final video. Layers are highly customizable, allowing you to easily adapt your mimoLive template to your own CI look and feel.


Graphical elements

Graphical elements include text, images, standard lower thirds, station logos, news tickers, clocks, countdowns, background animations and more.


Data driven elements

Data driven elements include sports scoring, weather maps, stock charts, Twitter feeds and more.


Complex Layers

Create your own complex Layers, including application logic, for example to build entire gaming engines. This allows broadcasters to easily implement and test new ideas with very little investment.




Browser-based Remote Control

mimoLive can be controlled via mouse cursor, customised keystrokes, automation scripts, and browser-based remote controls.


You can create several remote control surfaces to meet your needs. Adding maximum freedom to directing your live video production. Access the remote control surfaces from browsers of any device within your local network.


Control your mimoLive project entirely remote, camera switching, operating lower thirds, keeping scores in a sports live stream everything you need at your fingertips. Get visual feedback about the states of layers, even monitor the final program out on your remote control surface.


Easier for the operator

Make it much easier for the operator to run the show by providing only the controls they need.


Distribute responsibilities

Distribute responsibilities among a group of operators by running multiple different surfaces on different devices controlling the same document.


Multiple remote control surfaces

Use one remote control surface for camera switching, one for operating lower thirds, one for keeping score in a sports game.

mimoLive Remote

For iPads and iPhone the mimoLive Remote iOS app makes connection and usage an instant experience.

The app discovers all running mimoLive instances in your network and connects quick and easy. Control mimoLive from your iOS device.


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.



Stay in charge with your eyes on your incoming video feeds with the configurable multi-view.



Control the Switcher layer

Control the Switcher layer by clicking on a source in the multi-view to switch it live.


Maximum flexibility

Two multi-views give you maximum flexibility: Use one multi-view in the main application window to make most use of your screen and put the second multi-view on an external screen for maximum overview.


PTZ cameras

Control PTZ cameras directly in the multi-view


ISO Recording to disk

mimoLive handles settings from streaming and recording as separate output destinations. You can add and edit various destinations to your needs. Choose Program Output to record your live show as shown in the screenshot.


To do an ISO recording of a single source like a microphone, mimoCall or video camera, choose the source from Video and Audio drop down.

For every recording your can set a video format, compression, the filename and destination.


Independent track recording

Simultaneously stream and record your program output and add independent track recording to every input source. Especially great for recording separate audio and video tracks.


High resolution files

Along with live streaming and SDI out, mimoLive records high resolution files to disk. Record program output for your final show, and add for every source a raw recording to your post-production.



Record in H.264 for compressed files and an immediate upload to video hosting platforms.


ProRes 4444

Record in ProRes to keep the highest quality for your professional post production workflow. Use ProRes 4444 to preserve transparency in the alpha channel. Quickly create graphics like animated lower thirds for your video projects.




Green Screen Keying

Real time keying enables you to use chroma keying in live streams or to pre-visualize a video production for a client.

Any color - in real time

Key out green or blue or any background color you like in real time.


Chroma Key Basic

Chroma Key Basic for situations where lighting is not perfect, for example at home or in the classroom.


Chroma Key Pro

Chroma Key Pro for better results when lighting is more sophisiticated.




Video call-in

mimoCall turns any smart device into a client for a video call-in to mimoLive. Works best with the Chrome browser.

Invite guests to your broadcast

Invite guests to your broadcast from anywhere in the world, even over LTE networks.


No account required

No account required for your guests, just send them a URL that will connect them straight to your mimoLive running on your mac.



A perfect solution for interviews, discussion panels or recording a podcast.


Full Screen

Use every inch of your Macs display by editing in full screen mode. Take advantage of every inch of your display. mimoLive provides the native macOS full screen experience, including support for split view.

Multiple camera angles

Add multiple camera angles, fancy graphics, and integrate with social media to make your stream stand out.


360 live video

Supports 360 live video streaming to YouTube, Facebook and others.


Portrait video streams

Create portrait video streams or any other arbitrary format.


Suit your output format

Position, scale, crop and convert the format of video inputs to suit your output format.

PTZ Camera Control

Control PTZ cameras from directly within mimoLive and eliminate the need for separate camera operators.

Camera positions at the push of a button

Set up camera positions that you can recall at the push of a button or directly move the camera around with the mouse.


PTZOptics and Axis cameras

Supports cameras from PTZOptics and Axis.



Supports PTZ cameras with NDI 4, including the NewTek NDI|HX camera.




Support for NDI

Connectivity, creativity, and control of your video is easier than ever using your existing network infrastructure when you implement NDI. Software, computers and networks are changing the way video is produced, making NDI the most widely adopted and used IP standard in the world. Today, you have compelling new opportunities to engage in visual storytelling within practically any environment.


More cameras and video sources

NDI is perfect for mimoLive, allowing you to add more cameras and other interesting video sources at low cost.


Mix Different Media

To keep your productions looking good NDI preserves visual quality, frame accuracy, and source synchronization.


Turn any camera into an NDI camera

mimoLive is a cost effective solution to turn your webcam, SDI camera, DSLR camera, HDMI camera, iOS device and more into a NDI camera.

SDI Playout

mimoLive implements the Blackmagic Design API for playout to SDI or HDMI via Blackmagic Design hardware like Blackmagic Design DeckLink series.


Integration in broadcasting environment

Integrate mimoLive in your existing broadcasting environment as a powerful graphics machine or video switcher.


Blackmagic Design devices

Play out video including the alpha channel via SDI through Blackmagic Design devices separated by key and fill signal.


Play out video

Play out video through the second monitor connector of your Mac analog or digital via VGA, DVI or HDMI for display on a projector on stage or to feed into your school TV network.

Video Conferences: Virtual Camera

Play out audio and video files in sequence. Includes a layer to show info about the file currently played, including album art.



Make mimoLive work with apps and platforms not supporting RTMP ingest such as Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.


mimoLive audio and video output

mimoLive audio and video output shows up as a camera and microphone in those apps.


Virtual Camera plugin

Virtual Camera Plugin is build in but it requires a separate download to install a plugin.




Playout Playlists

Play out audio and video files in sequence. Includes a layer to show info about the file currently played, including album art.


Several Play modes

Play the next file every time the source is switched live, play the list while the source is live, picking up where you left off, or start over every time you activate the playlist source.


File formats, resolutions, frame rates

Mix and match file formats, resolutions, frame rates which are automatically converting at playout.


Play back movies and audio files

Supports all video and audio files that macOS can play back.



The included layers can be customized in many ways. Select the proper fonts, colors, position and more to suit your individual CI look and feel.

Directly on-screen modifying

Many parameters can be modified directly on-screen, making configuring the layers easier and quicker than ever before.


Custom templates

If you need it done quickly, order a custom template, created by our experts according to your designers specifications.


Custom Layers

Go even beyond that and create your own layers, for example to display sensor data or data from your own database. If you require help, you can also order a custom layer programmed by our experts.

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