mimoLive - Studio (3 Years)

mimoLive - Studio (3 Years)
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Licence for Commercial use

Unlimited streaming

multiple mimoCalls™ from webbrowser or mimoLive™ Reporter App

SDI Playout: Program Output, Key, Fill

Professional support

Exclusively designed for Mac®

Fully optimized for macOS® to get the best performance out of your Mac

Makes professional live streaming accessible for everyone

„Video Live Streaming has never been so easy and accessible. Simply from your Mac, you can switch live cameras, add graphics, lower-thirds, and stream to multiple destinations.”


Apple Design Awards 2009

mimoLive brings powerful tools for professional live streaming to your Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

It is an all-in-one live switcher, video encoder, editor, and streaming software for Mac, and enables you to switch multiple cameras, insert presentations, add graphics, overlay lower-thirds, social media comments, transparency with green screens, and so much more.


mimoLive records and streams simultaneously to various services and locations.


Live streaming is challenging

We know. Directing various cameras for your live show is challenging. Keeping an overview of many tasks like switching the active camera, replay prerecorded sequences, and adding the correct lower third for your interview guest is essential. For a one-person live production that seems almost impossible, but we proved it’s not.


Preparation is key.

mimoLive performs multiple actions simultaneously on single keystrokes, this live stream editor enables you to create great live streams as a one-person production.


Just imagine what you can do if you have a video team, or several mimoLive instances running at the same time.


mimoLive is the all-in-one solution for professional live streaming bringing full support for an NDI® ip-based workflow.



Build your live streams – step by step

Capture Audio&Video

Video Input Sources

·        Cameras: SD, HD, 4k, 360° connected via

Thunderbolt, USB, HDMI, SDI SD/HD, NDI

·        iOS Devices via USB  (additional: iOS App mimoCam™)

·        iOS screen grab via USB

·        iOS device cameras via cellular or network   (additional: iOS App mimoLive Reporter™)

·        Remote Video Call (mimoCall™) via any supported browser

·        Screen recordings

·        IP Cameras

·        Apple Syphon Technology (e.g. 2nd mimoLive instance)

·        3rd party applications via NDI® 4 (e.g. Adobe® Premiere®)

Audio Sources

·        Cameras: Thunderbolt, USB, HDMI, SDI SD/HD, NDI

·        iOS Devices USB (via App mimoCam™)

·        iOS Devices Cellular/WiFi (via App mimoLive Reporter™)

·        Mic In / Line in

Manage multiple input feeds


·        Apple Mac computer

·        64-bit

·        macOS 10.x or newer

Capture Cards

·        PCIe

·        Thunderbold

·        USB 3.0

·        Blackmagic Design Decklink

External Video Switcher

·        Blackmagic Design ATEM

Direct your live show

Software: mimoLive

·        Live switching video sources

·        Transitions

·        Lower Thirds

·        Chroma Keying, Green Screen

·        Picture-in-Picture

·        Mix Audio Inputs

·        Sports Layer

·        Live Scoreboards

·        Instant Replay

·        Social Media Integrations

·        mimoLive Remote™ – Control switcher & graphics  from your iPhone, iPad,  or even from any browser.

Manage multiple output streams

Live Streaming Presets

·        Facebook live

·        YouTube Live

·        Twitch.tv

·        Boxcast.com

·        Periscope

·        Stream9

·        Custom RTMP

·        mimoCall™ (stream to a remote mimoLive)

Record to Disk

·        Recording of the final program output

·        Separate file recording of every audio and/or video input


·        HDMI / NDI®

·        Virtual Camera

·        2nd mimoLive Project using Syphon Technology

·        3rd party software using Syphon Technology


·        SDI Playout fill

·        SDI Playout Key


System Requirements

Apple Mac computers, macOS 10.11+, we recommend 10.14. or better


mimoLive Reporter™

Professional live streaming for iOS

mimoLive Reporter™ allows you to stream live from your phone. Add titles, scrolling banner text, and graphics to give your live video a professional look.  You can also record in-app, or present it to an external screen.

Supports mimoCall™  for mimoLivey. Stream your phone live feed directly into any mimoLive show without getting the headache caused by complicated setups.


Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

mimoCall™ to mimoLive™ needs a mimoLive licence running on a separated Mac.


mimoLive Remote™

Transform your iPad into a control panel for mimoLive

Control mimoLive™ from your iPhone, iPad, or even iPod touch.


Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


Live switcher and professional live streaming for Mac

The live video workflow with mimoLive follows four major steps. First, capture your video footage using any given camera. Followed by the second step, the input into the computer. Conventional using professional graphic cards, externs SDI / HDMI Converter and more recently NDI® 4 camcorders. Today we believe in the future of the network standard NDI® 4, that’s why it is our recommendation to you to check if NDI® 4 delivers good results for your sort of live video stream.


Switching camera views, adding graphics and decoding the live stream

Once the video streams are coming into your Mac – it’s time for mimoLive™ to take over encoding, switching video streams, adding graphics and decoding the final stream. This is the third major workflow step for the director of the show. We enpower video producer to control comprehensive live shows by small teams.

Finally, mimoLive uses several presets for the major streaming platforms to simply your work life, and to make the fourth step of your workflow as easy as possible.


What does mimo stand for?

MIMO is an acronym for multiple-input, multiple-output. Our mimoLive™ handles several multiple inputs of video and audio, to create a live video stream and sends it to several multiple-outputs like video streaming platforms and disk recordings.

Combine these three elements and you will get, mimoLive™, the best way to describe the characterises of our live video editing and streaming software developed by Boinx Software.



Record event presentations

Here is an example of a professional speaker recording setup that we used at the Code BEAM Lite conference in Munich. Recording and live editing the presentations with mimoLive helped significantly reduce the post production costs and the time between recording and delivery to the client to a few hours. Setup was quick and easy because using NDI technology means a drastic reduction in cabling and equipment.



Run a fitness channel on YouTube

MayMor.TV is the biggest israelian fitness channel on YouTube. The crew consists of only two people. May stands in front of the camera and Mor operates mimoLive™ as the director of the show.



Live streaming a music concert

Watch the behind the scenes of a live stream production of a concert played by German music newcomer KLAN. Recorded at c/o pop festival 2019, Cologne, Germany. Filmed with seven live cameras and mixed by mimoLive™ for real-time switching, graphics and encoding the final live stream.


Record a podcast

Share a direct link into your mimoLive instances which connects your guest’s browser to your mimoLive session. Use the mimoCall™ technology to easily add remote guests to your show.


Fields of applications for mimoLive

·        Interactive YouTube Live and Facebook Live Streaming

·        Community TV, Public Access TV

·        Record presentations

·        Live Video Projections

·        Podcasts

·        Screencast

·        Game streaming, from your Mac, iPad, or iPhone

·        Jumbotron in Sport Stadiums

·        Sports TV

·        Religious Service Broadcasting

·        360° Live Streaming

·        eSports Conventions

·        Weddings

100% made for Apple®

Apple’s computers do not make any compromises when it comes down to performance. That is one reason why we develop exclusively for the Apple® Mac® platform.


Take full advantage of Apple’s technology and architecture without the big compromises of PC compatibility.


Powerful, software-based workflow for live streams

The broadcast industry is going through a digital transformation which fundamentally changes the way we produce live video shows.


·        Zero configuration

·        Easy way to operate

·        Integrates into your existing workflow

·        Continuous development keeps pace with the latest technology

·        Use graphics card power to accelerate performance

Getting in touch with your audience

Live video editing has a wide range of applications. Creators use mimoLive in combination with a high variety of cameras, hardware, NDI® and display technologies.



System Requirements

Apple Mac computers, macOS 10.11+, we recommend 10.14. or better

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