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MixPack 4 All-YOU-NEED starter set. PERFECT FOR 4 MUSICIANS.
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Tthe MIXPACK 4 starter package contains everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for four or more musicians.


Four myMix units provide eight inputs to connect and label microphone (phantom power available) and line level sources. All devices get connected with a CAT5* cable to the included POE switch. If you want to share the input signals with a console you can split the signal from DI-boxes for line level and use y-cable (or a mic split box) for microphones.


If you have more than four people on stage, consider using a 4-ch headphone amp and share a mix (e.g. for the vocalists). The POE switch provides power for up to 8 myMix units, so you can add 4 more myMix or 3 myMix and an IEX16 input expander to have more individual mixes and more audio channels available.


Should you ever outgrow this system all you need to get is a larger switch with more ports.


The MIXPACK 4 set includes:


4 x myMix unit,

1 x 8-port POE switch (BASIC 8)

8 audio inputs (4 x 2)

4 x Multi-Track Recording and Playback

Power supplies

Easy to expand by simply adding more myMix!


*CAT5 and audio input cables are not included in the package.

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