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Tthe MIXPACK 8 contains everything needed to provide individual stereo mixes and multi-track recording for eight musicians.


Using up to 16 local inputs from myMix- and 16 from an IEX16L-A input expander, there are 32 audio channels to select from. All devices get connected with a CAT5* cable to the network switch, connect your audio inputs (analog or digital) to the IEX16L-A and/or myMix and start.


The 8-port switch allows you to easily expand the system; one extra port for myMix Control, or an additional IEX16L-A; the GB uplink port allows connection to other switches (e.g. a second switch) – all plug and play.


The MIXPACK 5 set includes:


8 x myMix unit,

1 x IEX16L-A **

1 x 8-port POE switch

32 audio inputs (16 + 8 x 2)

8 x Multi-Track Recording and Playback in the units

Power supplies

Easy to expand by simply adding more myMix!


* CAT5 and audio input cables are not included in the package.

** Also available with IEX16L without  digital inputs in ADAT format.

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