USB2/AVB Ethernet Audio Interface with 24 ch of analog input and DSP
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Introducing the 24ai and 24Ao

Two new audio interfaces with 24 analog channels in one rack space, superb audio quality, AVB audio networking, and large console style mixing with 48 channels and 12 stereo busses.


The 24Ai and 24Ao are two new members of MOTU’s high-end audio interface lineup that includes the 1248, 8M and 16A. You can mix and match their complementary I/O configurations and unify operation with their shared AVB audio networking platform.


72 audio channels

24 channels of analog, plus three 8-channel banks of digital I/O

The 24Ai offers twenty-four balanced analog inputs in a single rack space. The 24Ao offers twenty-four analog outputs. Both units include three 8-channel ADAT optical banks, for a total of 72 channels each (24 analog plus 48 optical). Use the 24Ai and 24Ao to add analog I/O to your computer, or as a flexible optical expander and mixer. Or both!

All analog I/O is supplied on multi-channel DB-25 D-sub connectors and Phoenix connectors for convenient flexible wiring into studio and industrial installations alike. If you need individual quarter-inch connectors, check out the 16A interface.


Superb audio quality

They employ the same industry-recognized analog design as MOTU’s groundbreaking 1248, 8M and 16A audio interfaces.

Audio class compliant USB 2.0 Broad compatibility with future-proof connectivity

48-channel digital mixing

Control up to 12 separate stereo mixes

Modeled analog EQ and compression Vintage processing with 32-bit floating point precision

British analog mixing consoles are renowned for their musical EQ profiles. The 24Ai and 24Ao meticulously model these classic EQs to give you the very same, magical EQ response found on these coveted desks. Each input channel also provides a classic compressor module with optional peak/RMS operation. Groups and the Main Mix bus are equipped with MOTU's Leveler™, an accurate model of the legendary Teletronix™ LA-2A™ optical leveling amplifier, known for its unique and highly sought-after Automatic Gain Control (AGC) characteristics.


Matrix routing and splitting

Put the ultimate patch-bay at your fingertips

With one click on the routing grid, you can route any source signal to any destination. Sources can be analog or digital inputs on the interface, computer channels, mixer bus outputs, or audio network streams from other devices on the network. Destinations include interface outputs, host software inputs, mixer inputs, or any other device (or computer) on the AVB network. You can even split any single input (or stereo pair) to unlimited multiple output destinations.

Technical SpecificationsSample rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz24Ai analoginputs 24 channels (balanced/unbalanced)3x DB-25 D-sub and 6x 12-pin PhoenixMax level: +24 dBu (digitally adjustable -96 to +22)24Ao analog outputs 24 channels (balanced, DC coupled)3x DB-25 D-sub and 6x 12-pin PhoenixMax level: +20 dBu (digitally adjustable -24 to 0 dB)Digital I/O 3 banks (24 ch) of ADAT optical at 1x sample rates3 banks (12 ch) of SMUX optical at 2x sample ratesStereo TOSLink (optical S/PDIF) on Bank A (optional)Total I/O 24 analog + 48 digital (72 total) at 1x rates24 analog + 24 digital (48 total) at 2x rates24 analog + 0 digital (24 total) at 4x ratesComputer I/O 1 x USB 2.0 audio class compliant USB 3.0 and iOS compatible1 x AVB Ethernet (requires OS X Yosemite)Computer I/O channels USB 2.0 (44.1 to 48 kHz): 64 in/outUSB 2.0 (88.2 to 96 kHz): 32 in/outUSB 2.0 (176.4 to 192 kHz): 24 in/outAVB Ethernet: 16 to 128 in/out, depending on host computer speedSync I/O 1 x word clock in1 x word clock outNetwork I/O 1 x RJ45 AVB/TSN Ethernet (1 Gbps)AVB streams(8 channels per stream) 24Ai4 in / 8 out @ 44.1 or 48 kHz4 in / 8 out @ 88.2 or 96 kHz2 in / 4 out @ 176.4 or 192 kHz24Ao8 in / 4 out @ 44.1 or 48 kHz8 in / 4 out @ 88.2 or 96 kHz4 in / 2 out @ 176.4 or 192 kHzFront panel 5 x switches menu navigation324 x 24 pixel LCD for level meters / menu nav1 x AC power switchPower International 100-240V autoswitching supply50-60 Hz 0.5A maxDimensionsand weight (width x depth x height, enclosure only)19 x 7 x 1.75 inches48.3 x 17.75 x 4.5 cm4.6 lbs / 2.08 kg (24ai)4.4 lbs / 1.99 kg (24ao)with rack brackets removed:17.25 inches (43.8 cm) wide4.5 lbs / 2.04 kg (24ai)4.3 lbs / 1.95 kg (24ao)

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