MX-1 Balanced Mini-to-XLR Cable

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Balanced mini-to-XLR Cable for 305UPR, 105UPR, and 111R
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Azden Corporation
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Male 3.5mm stereo (dual mono) to male 3-pin XLR. Makes Azden single channel wireless receivers compatible with XLR microphone inputs. Compatible with 310UDR, 305UPR, 105UPR, 111R and WR-PRO. This cable will not work with the PRO-XD. See the MX-2 Cable.



Converts mini-jack mono or dual-mono outputs to balanced XLR connection

Compatible with Azden’s single channel UHF and VHF wireless receivers

2 feet in length

  • 305UPR, 105UPR, and 111R
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