Mxl Drum Pa 5K Dynamic Drum Mic Kit

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Mxl Drum Pa 5K Dynamic Drum Mic Kit
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MXL Microphones
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Series: MXL Mics

Manufacturer: MXL

Format: General Merchandise

The PA-5K can serve as an excellent starter set or addition to an existing drum kit mic set-up. It covers the basic needs of the touring drummer or percussionist with a set of microphones specially designed for capturing clear, articulated percussion recordings. The A-55 KICKER is designed specifically to capture the low frequency rhythm of the kick drum while minimizing bleed from the rest of the drum kit and is complemented by a pair of A-5t microphones to capture the punch and energy of toms. All mics have all-metal body construction to withstand abuse and impact with sleek unobtrusive design. Also included are an integral mic stand clips, allowing easy mounting for optimal sound capture.

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