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Grid-based groove box. Circuit Mono Station is designed to inspire. Two Novation polysynths and a four-part drum machine, combined with an intuitive grid-based sequencer in a standalone box that will have you making electronic music in minutes.
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A very naughty synth

Circuit Mono Station is a scheming, manipulative little beast of a machine, with a deafening roar to be tamed. It’s infectious to use, quick to engage with and capable of some unpredictable and rather dangerous results.

Just try and muzzle it

Featuring three types of analogue distortion effects, a really nasty ring modulator, a chunky sub-oscillator and step automation for all 53 parameters, Circuit Mono Station sounds bloody disgusting. It’s an instrument that can be used as an experimental, polyrhythmic sound design tool – set apart with Bass Station II’s synth engine, reworked into a paraphonic form. Sequences can benefit from longer LFOs staying in sync across several notes, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases.

Impressive CV with lots of sequencing experience

Having the same workflow as the Circuit sequencer and synth, Circuit Mono Station really is the potty-mouthed child of Novation. The Mod Seq, Swing Sync and a Mutate function are useful for happy accidents, and the AUX CV output can send complex modulation signals to the outside world. You can programme notes into the Mod Seq page to independently control your modular and CV gear with pitch and gate control via the CV/GATE output.

Individually control oscillators


Two oscillators with individual control of sync and tuning parameters.


Get the frequency band you want


High-pass, low-pass and band-pass filters with slopes of 12dB and 24dB.


Three distortion modes


Classic Bass Station, new fuzz or a mixture of both.


Monophonic and paraphonic


Monophonic and paraphonic modes with individual glide control.


Adaptable modulation system


Four-by-eight modulation matrix that enables complex alteration and routing. The Circuit Mono Station LFOs allow you to decouple synced LFOs from key sync, perfect for making widely evolving musical phrases.


Patches at your fingertips


Load and save up to 64 patches on the device.


Three sequencer tracks


Two oscillator sequencers and one modulation sequencer. HitShift + Sessions to send either Osc 1, Osc 2 or the Mod Seq to the CV/GATE output.


Connect to hardware and software


CV, Gate and modulation outputs for controlling separate hardware. Connect and sync to your music software and MIDI-compatible hardware.Modulate, evolve and process your source through the audio input.


Store unlimited sounds


Backup patches and sessions with Components. Learn more about Components here.

    Tech Spec

     Product Hardware Specifications

    • 32 RGB backlit velocity sensitive button grid
    • 18 RGB backlit function buttons
    • 8 Pots including dedicated filter and volume pots
    • 2 Encoders for tempo and modulation path depth
    • 6 RGB backlit mini pots for mixer section
    • 4 35mm sliders for envelope ADSR control
    • 16 Tact switches
    • 27 Orange LEDs for functional selection
    • 19 RGB indicator LEDs
    • 2 1/4 jack sockets for line out and audio input
    • 3 3.5mm jack sockets for MIDI in, out and thru (MIDI din break-out cables included)
    • 2 3.5mm jack sockets for analogue clock in and out
    • 3 3.5mm jack sockets for CV, gate and aux CV output
    • USB B 2.0 / MIDI comms only (no bus-power)
    • Configurable MIDI channels
    • Front-mounted 3.5mm jack socket for headphones
    • Rubberised knob caps
    • Rotary controls secured to the chassis with metal nuts
    • Power supply connector
    • Power switch
    • Kensington Security Slot

     Synth Engine

    • Paraphonic - dual osc, single amp with separate control of each oscillator's pitch
    • 64 Synth patches
    • 2 Oscillators + sub osc (follows the pitch of osc 1)
    • Noise generator
    • Coarse and fine tune per osc
    • Waveform octave depth 16, 8, 4 or 2
    • Ring mod between osc 1 and 2

    Oscillator waveforms include:

    • Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square / variable pulse width


    • 1 ADSR Envelope (Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release)
    • Routable via the modulation matrix


    • Single LFO with rate
    • Sync mode

    Waveforms include:

    • Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square / variable pulse width, sample and hold


    • State variable OTA filter
    • 12/24dB slope
    • Low-pass / band-pass / high-pass
    • Pre-filter overdrive
    • Frequency and resonance controls


    • 4x8 Modulation matrix
    • All modulation routes available at all times with depth control for each route

    Mod sources (4)

    • Envelope
    • LFO
    • Modulation sequence
    • Pad velocity

    Mod destinations (8)

    • Osc 1 pitch
    • Osc 2 pitch
    • Osc 1 PWM
    • Osc 2 PWM
    • Amp
    • Filter cut-off
    • Distortion level
    • Aux CV outpu


    • Osc 1 level
    • Osc 2 level
    • Sub Osc level
    • Noise generator level
    • Ring modulation depth
    • Audio In (with gain control)


    • 3 types of analogue distortion: 1, 2 and 3 (combination of 1 & 2)


    • 32 Sessions
    • 2 Tracks per session + 1 track modulation sequence
    • 16 Patterns for osc 1, 8 patterns for osc 2 and mod sequence
    • 16 Demo sessions
    • Real time record (notes, with velocity and automation)
    • Auto-quantise notes to steps and automation to 6 events per step
    • Sequencer resolution 24 PPQN
    • 51 Automation parameters
    • All knob and slider movements can be recorded (excluding volume)
    • All modulation route depths can be automated
    • Tempo range 40 - 240 BPM
    • Swing 20 - 80%
    • Glide amount configurable per step
    • 8 Pattern sync rates (incl. triplet rates)
    • Pattern direction setting including ping-pong and random
    • Pattern mutate
    • 8 Global swing sync rates (incl. triplet rates)

    Real Time Performance

    • Full range velocity scanning and record. Editable to 16 levels
    • 16 Scale types and chromatic transposition
    • Synth expand view doubles playable area
    • Dual view for playing osc 1 and osc 2 simultaneously and independently
    • Paraphonic mode option switch to select how the amp envelope triggers
    • Configurable pattern start and end points
    • Configurable pattern chain
    • Instant and queued Session switching
    • Instant and queued Pattern switching


    • Velocity and gate per step
    • Fractional gate lengths (each step divisible by 6)
    • Automation edit per step
    • Clear step, automation parameter per pattern, pattern, session
    • Duplicate step, pattern
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