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Origins (EXS24 & GIGA)
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An adventurous 3.5 GB library of ancient World instruments!

The creator of the popular World Winds sample library, Dirk Campbell, brings us a new production that journeys to a place where no one has yet traveled. Deep into the sonic terrain of worlds past, Origins is an exhaustive collection of authentic, atmospheric historical sounds that will add color to any composer’s palette. Along with a huge collection of multisamples presented in a variety of different dynamics and articulations, the library features a large number of expressive phrases and performances. Origins’ vivid, dramatic samples promise to add sonic and musical interest to historical and archaeological productions, film scores (especially Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror), World Music soundtracks, Left-Field rock and pop, creative remixes and any recordings that require imaginative sound design and innovative textures. Many of the sounds in this collection are available for the first time in any sample library.


The Instruments:


Ancient Horns


Cornus (Roman war horns), Conches, Cowhorns, Kudu antelope horn, Ram’s horn, English coach horn, Tibetan horns


Flutes and Pipes


Aulos (Greek reedpipe), Balaban (Persian duduk), Chinese bamboo flute, Bone flute, Double pipe (Egyptian zummara), Duduk (Armenian reedpipe), Filimbi (Tanzanian overtone flute), Fujara (Slovak contrabass whistle), Grass blades, Kaval (Balkan flute), Ney (middle Eastern flute), Pibgorn (Welsh reedpipe), Sorna (Persian shawm), Suling (Indonesian flute), Whistle tones (various flutes)




Kantele (Finnish zither), Kora (West Aftrican harp), Laouto (Greek fretted lute), Mouth bow, Nyatiti (Egyptian lyre), Oud (Arab lute), Rabab (middle Eastern long-necked fiddle), Santoor (middle Eastern hammered dulcimer), Siter (Javanese zither)


Male Vocals


Men unison, Clusters, Overtone singing (Mongolia), Shaman songs and overtones, Slave chant, Solo male chants, Solo male random notes


Group Vocals


Men unison, Women unison, Celebration vocal sounds, Female lamentation sounds, Womens’ screams, War shouts


Ambient Percussion (recorded in large ambient space)


Orchestral bass drums (3), Timpani (detuned – 5 pitches), Gong drum, Tam Tams, Earth gong, Cowbells, Chinese chung (small hand cymbals), Ceng ceng (Balinese small hand cymbals), Crotales, Turkish davul, Tanzania drum, Tabor, Frame drums, Bougarabou (African drum), Daf (Iranian drum), Metal pipes, Gas cylinder, Crumpled metal, Brake drum, Horseshoe hits, Metal scraping and dragging, Other metal hits and noises


Studio Percussion


Burmese small gongs, Logdrum, Singing bowl (Tibet), Thunder drum, Hand cymbals (various), Hand drums (various), Jingles and finger cymbals (various), Kurdish davul, Tabor, Tribal drums (Zambian ingoma), Miscellaneous percussion




Pads and drones (made from sustained instruments), Animal noises, Grass blades bird effects, Grass blades bestiary, Monstrous beasts, Swords & armor


Origins contains 3.5 GB of all new sounds performed by musicians well-versed in historical playing techniques. This is a one-of-a-kind production, formatted for EXS 24 and Giga.

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