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KARAOKI for Windows is professional karaoke software designed for the modern karaoke host and karaoke venues. Karaoki includes an advanced automatic singer rotation list with singer history, key control, news ticker, next singers screen, a song book exporter and printer, a filler music player and many other features designed so you can host karaoke shows faster and easier!  Now with integrated support for SongBookDB, a robust remote song-singer request platform.


Our top karaoke software supports MP3+G, WAV+G, most zipped MP3+G/WAV+G formats, Karaoke Cloud Pro and various video files. Enhance and manage your karaoke shows with ease using this simple yet powerful karaoke software player that sets new standards in karaoke show hosting.

Transport Controls

PCDJ Karaoki features a transport control area not unlike what you find on hardware based karaoke CDG players, making it easier to navigate.  Controls for play, pause, fade-to-stop, key control (adjust in ¼, ½, and full Semi-Tone steps), tempo control (without key), screen 2 output and mute/volume control for multiplex karaoke files are displayed clearly on screen.

Advanced Automatic Singer Rotation And Next Singers Screen

The included advanced singer rotation list is a KJs best friend.  No need to worry about managing singer rotation, PCDJ Karaoki does it for you. Stack songs for each singer, drag and drop re-order, change the singers song order, pre-adjust key, various rotation modes and much more are included. “Solo Artist” rotation mode has been added specifically for performers so you can use the rotation list as a set list. You can even save karaoke shows per venue or event, all with their own singers and singer history.


The karaoke lyrics preview screen is there for you the host to follow along with, which mirrors the secondary display “Lyrics-Only” output.  Displayed between songs are your “Next Singers” and a customize-able “News Ticker”

Singer Data Screen And Advanced Singer Management

From the “Singer Data” screen you can easily manage the order of songs for a singer, pull in previously sung songs from singer history, place a singer “On Break” and even type in their contact information. The Singer Data screen makes managing each singer and their song history simple.

Robust Karaoke Browser And Karaoke File Management

Managing your karaoke music in Karaoki has never been easier. Import your karaoke files into one case, or multiple cases (groups) however you see fit. Select any of the popular karaoke naming conventions so your file information populates the correct fields (artist/title etc). You can even extract ID3 Tags if available. Print out your cases to make professional song books directly from PCDJ Karaoki, or export your song book as a TSV to easily import and edit in Excel or other spreadsheet application.

Background Music Player (Buffer Music)

The included background music player allows you to create and save playlists for regular audio (not karaoke). Start the BGM player at the beginning of the night and that’s it – Karaoki will automatically start and stop the background music between singers and sets, automating your buffer music. That means no more dead air, and a more complete karaoke show your employer will love.

Remote Request System: SongBookDB Integration

SongBookDB is a $19.95 a-month subscription (After 30-Day Free Trial) internet-based platform that enables remote song requests from a singers iOS or Android phone (or any internet enabled device).


SongBookDB is massively popular among KJs that wanted to ditch their printed song books in favor of an all-digital solution. No more printing out hundreds of pages every time you update your karaoke music library, simply export your song list from Karaoki and upload to SongBookDB and it’s ready to go.


Requests are sent via the internet directly to the PCDJ SongbookDB Plugin, and with one click can be sent to the singer rotation list – or use ‘auto-accept’ for complete automation.  Many other bonus features are included with SongBookDB, including the ability to send a “shoutout” to everyone using the app simultaneously and to “buzz” your singer when they’re up to sing!

In-App Karaoke Subscription

Don’t have a karaoke music library? Digitrax Entertainment’s Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription is supported in Karaoki– providing you in-app, commercially legal access to 4,500+* hit karaoke songs with additional songs added each-and-every week at no additional cost. The tracks are downloaded to your hard drive so you can use them offline!

Karaoki Tutorial Videos

Let us show you how! Karaoki includes an in-depth user manual upon installation, but we find many of our karaoke software users prefer being shown how to use the software. Check out our Introduction To PCDJ Karaoki video to help you get started, and be sure to visit our YouTube channel for various other Karaoki tutorial videos.

Karaoki User Testimonials

We take great pride in creating karaoke software that helps KJs host karaoke with ease and precision. So, when we receive a Karaoki review by email or via our support ticketing system we love show it off. Check out our Karaoki reviews and testimonials to see what Karaoki customers say about our leading karaoke program.



Supports MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G (zip 2.0), WAV+G (Not Zipped) and most Video file formats (Note: proper codecs must be installed on the machine. If you’re having trouble playing video files with PCDJ Karaoki, please try installing this video codec pack.

Secondary Lyrics Output (full screen lyrics to secondary video display)

Karaoki Cloud Pro integration (Learn More)

Accept remote song requests with SongbookDB (android/iOS/web) or KaraoQuest (Free for iOS)

2 Built-in song stores (buy and download karaoke songs on-the-fly)

Key-control (half steps in semi-tones

Robust Library with Search (click anywhere on screen and type!)

True Singer Rotation and Solo-Singer Modes

Next 5 singers displayed on singer screen (configurable)

Drag ‘n’ Drop loading and Rotation re-ordering.

Automatically delete singer from rotation after 20 seconds singing (optional)

Robust Singer and Song History – Review History Button (remembers key adjustments)

Scan Karaoke Tracks using MP3 Tags or File Naming Conventions (all popular versions supported)

Case printer. Print out your songbooks direct from Karaoki (or Export to Excel)

Background Music Player / Filler Music (Play regular buffer music between singers/sets)

News Ticker (scrolling ticker on screen)

DiskID columns in case and search lists

Transparency Mode (Put Your Own Images behind Lyrics: Slideshow)

Singer screen auto sizes

‘Control-Key’ keyboard shortcuts

Auto Play (Auto Karaoke)

“Fade-To-Stop” Transport Control

Graphic / Audio Offset

‘New Show’ option on rotation menu, this clears the rotation, history and singer lists but not singer database.

DE-multiplexer with singer coach control

The ability to change the singers list color on screen 2

‘Drunk-Lock’ feature (lock screen)

‘Times Up’ counter to the singer DB.

Instant songs sung review, clicking on the player song shows a list of all songs that have been loaded into the player for the current session

Configurable menu colors

Hide / Show case Columns in Case and search Lists.

Can be used with remote touch screen terminal using wireless or wired network, selected tracks and singer loaded automatically into rotation list.

Import m3u playlists.

Supported OS’s: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit)




Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 (8.1) /Windows 10

2.0ghz Intel I series 3 or greater (or AMD 64 x 2 orgreater)

DirectX compatible sound card (Standard in Windows)

4 GIG RAM or Better

200 MB free on the hard-drive

Graphics Card (ATI / Nvidia) with 256MB minimum dedicatedgraphics RAM,

or Intel HD 4000 series shared graphics cards (or higherversion number)

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