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AVID Pro Tools Perpetual License New EDU Institution
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Here is a quick overview of some noteworthy features of the program. Since the software is based on a 64-bit architecture, the program is able to access as much RAM as is present on the computer, which in turn allows virtual instruments that contain large sample libraries to be fully loaded for instant playback. Additionally, the number of instruments that can be simultaneously available in a session has also increased. Another major feature is an offline bounce function. Preparing intermediary or final mixes is much faster using a simple command. Sound quality is maintained due to time-stamped automation, and multiple files with different file formats can be created simultaneously.


Record input monitoring features ultra-low latency even when routing through plug-ins. Those working with audio for picture will appreciate the ability to play Avid DNxHD files and other HD formats directly within the timeline without transcoding. A wide variety of plug-ins are included with the software, as are six virtual instruments. The software not only works with the company's interfaces, but since version 9, with any Core Audio or ASIO compliant interface.


Some of the upcoming enhancements include collaboration in the cloud with other artists and producers, anywhere in the world. A Marketplace where artists can share, license, or sell music and audio projects, and buy virtual instruments, plug-ins, and more. Access to prior work from anywhere using an audio archival service that stores content and tracks it regardless of whether a session is stored locally, or in the cloud. Archive a stereo mix, the full session, individual stems, or even flatten all tracks so that the original plug-ins used to create them aren't required.


The introduction of a universal metadata schema into the software will help manage, track, and document every asset and project created. This metadata will enable media creators and distributors to keep track of everyone who creatively contributed to specific content, making it easy to document who did what, manage and control versioning, and provide accurate credit information. Some of these enhancements are implemented, while others and future ones like it will be delivered via the upgrade plan.


Key Features

Latest Version, Upgrades for 12 Months

Compose, Record, Edit, Mix

Up to 128 Audio Tracks

Offline Bounce



Compose and Record

Record audio with up to 32-bit / 192 kHz and experience exceptionally low latency when paired with an Avid audio interface

Redesigned Avid Audio Engine and 64-bit performance delivers multiple times the processing power of previous versions of Pro Tools on the same hardware configurations

Loop recording/track comping workflows

Use QuickPunch to quickly replace any questionable section with a better performance

Easily create parts for practically any musical instrument using virtual instruments, a MIDI keyboard/controller or mouse, and the built-in MIDI editor

Includes virtual instruments and audio loops

Compose music using notation tools in the built-in Sibelius Score Editor

Export sessions as Sibelius (.sib) files for further work in Sibelius

Exchange sessions with any Pro Tools user or studio, or work on projects created in other audio and video software, including Media Composer, Logic, Cubase, and other third-party apps directly in Pro Tools




Elastic Time and Elastic Pitch processing

Fine-tune music and audio with sample-accurate editing tools available in a single window

Speed up editing and mixing using the Clip Gain Smart Tool

With the Beat Detective tool, quickly fix timing issues across multiple tracks, change the feel of a beat to get a different groove, or keep the rhythm section in the pocket by extracting the groove from a drumbeat and applying it to the bass part

Create and cut sound to picture using the built-in Timecode Ruler and video track

Record and edit voiceovers, Foley, and ADR with frame accuracy

Share audio mixes with Media Composer editors through AAF

Play HD video with the Avid Video Engine in a variety of HD video formats (such as QuickTime, XDCAM, and more) and Avid DNxHD sequences directly in the Pro Tools timeline without transcoding

Monitor the picture playback using optional video interfaces from Avid, AJA, and Blackmagic Design





Polish mixes with over sixty included effects, sound-processing and utility plug-ins

Includes reverbs, EQs, and compressors, guitar amp emulators, surround sound fold-down, channel strip dynamics, and more

Avid Channel Strip plug-in delivers exact replications of the renowned EQ and compression algorithms of the Avid System 5

Achieve phase-accurate mixes with Automatic Delay Compensation with four times the samples (16,383) to handle the largest mixes, no matter how many plug-ins used

Automate the settings of every element in the Pro Tools environment to add life to tracks and achieve the best mix possible

Speed up mix delivery with faster-than-real-time off-line bouncing with time-stamped automation

Get hands-on Pro Tools control with a choice of optional Avid Pro Mixing control surfaces and consoles, plus third-party boards

With direct SoundCloud support, share files privately with other collaborators, or share finished projects with the world

Bounce mixes to an iTunes library to share with others on a network


Delivery Method               Download

License Type       Educational

License Length   PerpetualLicense

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems      Windows7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

macOS 10.8.5

macOS 10.9

macOS 10.1

Memory Requirement     4GB (8 GB Recommended)

Storage Requirement      15GB

CPU Requirement             IntelCore i5 and Faster 

Internet Connection Required      Yes

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