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AVID Pro Tools HD Native Thunderbolt Interface with Pro Tools HD Software
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The Avid Technologies Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt Interface with Pro Tools HD Software includes a Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt interface and a full, perpetual license version of Pro Tools | HD, offered as a download.


Designed for on-the-go music creation, the Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt interface brings high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity to your Pro Tools | HD system to nearly eliminate latency, and provide 64 channels of simultaneous I/O at 24-bit / 192 kHz. The card easily connects to your existing laptop or compact computer and significantly reduces that distracting delay you hear while recording, leading to a more comfortable experience when performing in the studio.


To get a full 64 channels of I/O, the Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt interface allows you to connect up to four, 16-channel Pro Tools | HD audio interfaces. Two of the interfaces connect directly to DigiLink Mini ports 1 and 2, and the other two interfaces connect to the expansion ports on those Pro Tools | HD audio interfaces.


Pro Tools | HD is designed for audio and post pros who need maximum track counts, high-level performance, and surround sound. It provides powerful and efficient tools to create music or sound for film/TV, and connect with a premier network of artists, producers, and mixers around the world via Avid Cloud.


The software comes bundled with a 1-year Annual Upgrade and Support Plan, which provides access to the latest Pro Tools releases, including updates and upgrades, 25 bonus plug-ins, and priority support (renewable annually).



Key Features

HD Native Thunderbolt Interface

Pro Tools | HD Software

Thunderbolt Connectivity for Mobile Use

Monitoring with Near-Zero Latency




Pro Tools | HD Native Thunderbolt Interface

Thunderbolt interface can be connected to a laptop or compact computer for on-the-go music creation (Mac, Windows)

Monitoring with near-zero latency

Includes two DigiLink Mini ports for connecting two audio interfaces

One DigiSerial port for connecting a SYNC peripheral

Supports up to 64 channels of I/O for direct-to-disk recording and playback

Supports up to 192 tracks with Pro Tools | HD software

Sessions up to 24-bit and up to 192 kHz

On-board FPGA processor provides dedicated signal routing for headphone monitoring

Headpnone monitoring with 1/4" output jack and a volume/mute control knob

Output to the headphone jack mirrors channel outputs 1 and 2 on your primary audio interface

Includes a 6.5' Thunderbolt cable

Includes a 12' DigiLink Mini cable for connection to an audio interface




Pro Tools | HD Software

64 channels of I/O

32-bit / 192 kHz sound quality

Up to 256 audio tacks

Up to 256 instrument tracks

Up to 512 MIDI tracks

2 GB loop library included

60+ instrument/effects plug-ins

Play/edit HD video in timeline

Support for Dolby Atmos 7.1 surround sound

Music notation tools

Standalone operation

Includes 1-year upgrade and support plan

Mac, Windows, AAX native, Audiosuite

AVID 99356530702 SPECS

Form Factor        Tabletop

Channels of I/O  64Input / 64 Output

Max Sample Rate/Resolution       192kHz / 24-Bit

Number of Mic Preamps None


Analog Audio I/O              1x 1/4" TRS Headphone Output

Digital Audio I/O               None

Host Connection / USB   2x DigiLink Mini

1 x Thunderbolt/MDP

MIDI I/O              None

Other I/O             1x Mini-DIN 8-Pin Serial Connection


OS Compatibility               macOS10.9.5 / 10.10.5 / 10.11.6 / 10.12.2

Windows 7

Windows 10

Supported Drivers/API     CoreAudio (Mac)

AAX (64-Bit)

Processor Requirement   Mac:

Intel Core i7


Intel Xeon

RAM Requirements          8GB, 16 GB Recommended

Storage Requirements     15GB

Required Hardware          USBPort and iLok (Included)

PCIe Card Slot or Thunderbolt Port

Internet Connection        Requiredfor Software/Driver Download


Power Requirements       AC/DCPower Adapter (Not Included), Thunderbolt Bus Power

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