Rack Fusion II

highly flexible rack controller!
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Rack Fusion II - highly flexible rack controller!

Rack Fusion II has 18 awesome four-way buttons and four backlit encoders - all with RGB coloring and crisp, graphical OLED displays for function legends. Fits perfectly in your rack. Sits perfectly on your table! Simply amazing.

Features a world of options

Programmable four-way buttons with OLED legends

RGB multilevel metering LEDs

High-quality backlit encoders with crisp graphical OLED legends

Rack unit or desktop console in one

Ethernet with PoE (IEEE802.3af)

UniSketch OS


Rack Fusion II works with a great variety of device cores and is a popular choice for:


Rack Fusion II    

Length: 483 mm Width:44 mm

Height: 40 mm   Totalweights: 0.516 kg.

Power Consumption

Rack Fusion II

4.68 Watt


Rack Fusion II

12V power supply

USB programming cable

Networking cable

UniSketch OS

Manuals and Software

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