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If you are a designer and not a rendering geek, IRender nXt is for you. nXt provides exceptional image quality with easy setup and quick results. One seat license.
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Render Plus Software
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IRender nXt makes it easier for designers to build render-ready SketchUp models and quickly fine-tune render settings. The latest version is all about improving the rendering workflow and adding simple, powerful controls for important render settings. IRender nXt helps you make great renders, faster.

The new release comes with a significant number of new and streamlined features such as:
  • IRender Ready Lights, Mirrors, and Trees - A Trimble 3D Warehouse collection of objects, such as light fixtures, which have lights placed in them so they can be used directly with IRender.
  • Background / Layer Wizard - Making it easy to position your rendered model in a background and retrieve the settings for future renderings.
  • Lights Query and Edit Wizard - Making it easy to find, examine, and edit the artificial lights placed in your SketchUp Model for rendering with IRender nXt.
  • Rotate View While Rendering - Lets you change the view and zoom after rendering and re-render without having to change the view in SketchUp.
  • High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRi) Lighting Preset - Five lighting presets which make it easy to set lighting without having to set individual values.
  • Sample Models and Renderings - Downloadable models from our 3D Warehouse use to get started quickly with advanced lighting and rendering settings.

IRender nXt is loaded with 13 additional new features that include an improved slider bar for HDRi rotations and the ability to store Background images in the SketchUp model for portability. Each feature is easy to use, easy to find, and speeds up renderings to increase user productivity.

Exceptional realism is key to clear communication of your designs from concept through to the details. IRender nXt's new technology brings a new level of realism to your design presentations and marketing materials. See for yourself. Browse the gallery of user generated images. 
See: IRender Feature Comparison chart for a comparison of the two products.

The tutorials are a good place to start. Learn how to use the basics of Ray Trace rendering - lights and reflections. 
Then learn how to use more advanced features.

Downloads and Installation
There is a 30 day Trial Version for RPS products. This is a fully functional version, with watermarks or other text added to indicate that it is a trial version.

Follow the links from the Downloads Page to download the latest version.

Documentation, Help and Forums

Video Tutorials
We have created a number of Video Tutorials which will help you get started.

IRender comes in two versions:

  • nXtRender - for basic materials, reflection and lighting - and
  • IRender nXt- for advanced lighting techniwques, plants and other advanced features.

IRender nXt is included in the Render Plus Combo Pack

See Purchase FAQ if you have problems ordering or authorizing the software.

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