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Skippy's Noizbox w/Groove Control
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Skippy's Noizbox is also available as an ILIO S.A.G.E. Xpander.

Skippy’s Noizbox is a new drum loop library from John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl, the creator of the hugely successful Skippy’s Big Bad Beats. Skippy is well-known worldwide for his amazing feel, sound and the astonishing variety of loops his mind can conjure up. Now he balances the cool and funky message of Big Bad Beats with something a little more “amped up.” Noizbox has more processed elements with an aggressive Euro attitude. The grooves are solid and inventive, and will keep the house pumping well into the wee hours!


More than half of Skippy’s Noizbox is over 120 BPM, and features a vastly creative palette of Hi and Mid-Fi sounds, skillfully woven together in Skippy’s unmistakable style. Of course, it’s also 100% Groove Control activated, so you can manipulate all of this spectacular sound and groove design any way you like!


Every groove is provided with several different mixes and we’ve also painstakingly separated the grooves into thorough Construction Kits, for both the Standard and Groove Control loops. When you play all of the elements together, you can fully recreate the Full Mix version of the loop, with no missing parts! This is a rarity for Construction Kit libraries.


You’ll also love the amazing Groove Menus on this collection. Just load up a desired tempo and lay your hands on dozens of sample-locked grooves. Layer as many as you like to create your own mix. Skippy hand picked these combinations to be both fast and addictive!


If you’re not familiar with the work of this self-described loopaholic, you owe it to yourself to check out both Big Bad Beats and Skippy’s Noizbox!

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