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Stark Raving Beats w/Groove Control
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Stark Raving Beats is also available as an ILIO S.A.G.E. Xpander.

Here’s a wicked set of hard and fast grooves, based on live drum kit performances, mixed and remixed with wildly processed electronics and banging percussion. 100% Groove Control™ activated for endless tempo, feel and mix possibilities, SRB will bring out the monster in you!


All Go, No Slow! SRB starts at 105 BPM and accelerates to 170. If that’s not fast enough for you, speed it up with Groove Control! Every groove has an aggressive style, that can burn rubber at any tempo. It’s great for Progressive, Jungle and D ‘n’ B styles, even Pop and Rock but use your imagination to dissolve, distort and destroy these gems any way you like.


The mix possibilities are literally endless. Not only up to three mixes per groove, but each groove comes with tightly isolated kick, snare, hat, room, effects, percussion and alternate parts. In all, there are hundreds of loops that you can mix and match millions of ways. It’s extreme separation makes it a natural to combine with Skippy’s Noizbox, Big Bad Beats, Ethno Techno, or any of the Groove Control activated libraries from Spectrasonics!


Performed and remixed by loopologist Chris O’Brien, SRB is a perfect blend of Hi-Fi impact and a reckless attitude. If you have a need for speed and a passion for aggression, then you must have Stark Raving Beats!

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