TAO 1pro
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TAO 1pro is a Broadcasting streaming decoder with a 5.5 inch FHD preview display,but also a 4 channels seamless video switcher for 2 USB 3.0 and 2 HDMI 1.3 inputs, and supports streaming directly by ethernet output which is ready to connect to external cloud based router and streaming from Anywhere to Everywhere.

TAO 1pro is compatible with standard USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cameras by UVC protocol, and brings itself as a much affordable and user friendly streaming tools for anybody, the talents who is willing to be Anchor Online.

TAO 1pro is also with touch panel for finger configuration, and with optional 2 chargable battery extending its capacity for outdoor application.


5.5-inch touchscreen operation

Network HD streaming

Seamless switcher

2*UVC inputs,2*HDMI 1.3 input and 1* HDMI 2.0 output

NDI 5.0 encoder

Recording via USB 2.0 port,mobile hard disk stores up to 2T

Multistream up to 4 Live Streaming platforms simultaneously

Connectors         Input      HDMI 1.3             2HDMI-A                                                       

USB 3.0 2USB TypeA                                                  

Output  HDMI 2.0             1HDMI-A                                                       

Record  USB 2.0 1USB TypeA                                                  

Audio     In            13.5mm Audio Jack                                                    

Out        13.5mmAudio Jack                                                    

Communication/Stream LAN        1RJ45                                              

Power                  1USB-C                                                          

Performance      InputResolutions             HDMI                                                                

SMPTE   720p@50/60 |1080p@23/24/60                                                           

VESA      1024768@60 |1280720@60 | 1280800@60 | 12801024@60 | 1360768@60 |

16001200@60 | 16801050@60 | 19201080@60          

Output Resolutions          HDMI                                                                

SMPTE   720p@50/60 |1080p@24/25/50/60 | 2160p@60              

VESA      1024768@60 |1280720@50/60 | 1280800@60 | 12801024@60 | 1360768@60 |

19201080@50/60 | 38402160@60                                                   

Supported Standard         HDMI     1.3(Input) | 2.0(Output)                                              

USB        3.0                                                     

Screen Feature   ScreenDimension             5.5 TFT                                                                         

Resolution           10801920pixels                                                                         

Dot Pitch             0.063(H)0.021(W)(mm)                                             

Aspect Ratio       16:9                                                                  

Brightness           450cd/m                                                                       

Contrast              1000:1                                                              

Backlight             LED                                                                   

View Angle          80/80(L/R)80/80(U/D)                                                          

Power   Input Voltage     9V/2A                                                               

Max Power         18W                                                   

Environment       Temperature      0~55                                                         

Humidity              5%~85%                                                           

Physical Weight  Net        350g(withoutbattery);882g(with battery)                                                           

Package               770g                                                  

Dimension           Net        161mm106mm36mm                                              

Package               255mm145mm85mm                 

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