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Put the sounds and grooves of legendary drummer Terry Bozzio into your next recording

Terry Bozzio Drums is a new high-definition SampleTank instruments collection.

It includes a huge 1.7 gigabyte library with more than 1,800 drum kit samples and 350 meticulously recorded loops.


All of these sounds have been played by Terry Bozzio, the idiosyncratic drummer whose incendiary performances with Frank Zappa, UK, Jeff Beck and Missing Persons span 4 decades of classic album appearances.

With Terry Bozzio Drums, you'll be inspired and amazed by its superior sound quality. This is because the entire library has been recorded by Ken Scott, the master producer and engineer who worked with Terry Bozzio on classic Missing Persons album, “Spring Session M,” containing the hits, "Walking in LA," "Destination Unknown" and "Words." IK US founder and executive producer, Dave Kerzner, brought the two legends together for first time since the 1980s especially for this project.


Terry Bozzio is known for his massive drum kits and uniquely melodic playing style. With Terry Bozzio Drums, we've gone to great lengths to ensure you feel like you're sitting in his drummer's throne: You get 16 playable drum kit instruments with a complete kit that includes 2 kick drums, snare with multiple articulations, 6 highly stylized Roto Toms (each played with 4 articulations), hi-hat and several unusual and exotic percussive elements that include things like china cymbals, stacked cymbals and more. And for the ultimate realistic playing experience, all of the kit's drums have been recorded at 8 different velocities with as many as 8 round-robin hits per velocity!

The drums are mapped using an extended General MIDI mapping so you can mix-and-match kit elements from the Terry Bozzio Drums collection with elements from other SampleTank factory drum kits or from other SampleTank instruments collections like the Neil Peart or Billy Cobham kits.

Terry Bozzio Drums also includes 350 audio loops played by the man himself. All of these have been organized into 12 instruments, and they're all in the style of many of his favorite album cuts. And because of ST3's S.T.R.E.T.C.H. engine, you can instantly change the tempo of these loops without altering the pitch. You can even mix these killer loops with one-shot samples played via MIDI to create ultra-realistic drum tracks and truly natural sounding rhythms.


An impressively well-rounded collection, Terry Bozzio Drums is perfect for rock, prog, jazz fusion, pop, metal, blues, EDM and more — these drum sounds and loops are so versatile that they seamlessly fit into any style.


3 Multi

Terry Bozzio Kit 1

Terry Bozzio Kit 2

Terry Bozzio Pad Kit

16 Kit Instruments

Terry Bozzio Kit

Terry Bozzio Eco Kit

Terry Bozzio Crush Room Kit

Terry Bozzio Kicks

Terry Bozzio Snares

Terry Bozzio Toms

Terry Bozzio Hi-Hats

Terry Bozzio Ride Cymbals

Terry Bozzio Crash Cymbals

Terry Bozzio Hat, Ride and Crashes

Terry Bozzio Tom 1

Terry Bozzio Tom 2

Terry Bozzio Tom 3

Terry Bozzio Tom 4

Terry Bozzio Tom 5

Terry Bozzio Tom 6

17 Loop Instruments

Butterscotch - 167 bpm

Exit Blocked - 179 bpm

Sorrow - 174 bpm

Rough Roads - 170 bpm

This Place at Present - 165 bpm

Get Your Nose Out - 143 bpm

Strolling - 137 bpm

Talk - 135 bpm

Apertures - 130 bpm

Conspicuous - 129 bpm

Enjoy Guys - 105 bpm

Landing Place - 105 bpm

Library size

Over 1.7GB of content

1,800+ drum kit samples

350+ audio loops

3 Multis

28 Instruments

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