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The Fame Series: Classic Sounds - Patch Library for Omnisphere 2.6
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The Fame: Indie Pop for Omnisphere 2

ILIO and Reverb Machine wrap up The Fame Series with their third and final patch collaboration for Spectrasonics' flagship synthesizer Omnisphere 2. The Fame Series pays homage to famous synth sounds used in classic and modern songs, with professionally produced patches that will add vibe and color to your tracks.


The third collection in The Fame Series is Indie Pop. This special package focuses on cutting-edge synth tones inspired by recent indie releases. Borrowing from Tame Impala, Tycho, Kavinsky, Radiohead, MGMT, The 1975, Com Truise, LCD Soundsystem, and many more, this collection celebrates the diverse and inventive indie song universe of this millennium. Whether you need to create a modern, indie pop tune, are a cover band, or you're looking for a spark to light your creative fire, The Fame Series: Indie Pop is a hit-maker's go-to source for inspiration.


Included in The Fame: Indie Pop (21 new patches added on 11/24/20)

BASS - Kavinsky Nightcall Bass

BASS - LCD Dance Yrself

BASS - MGMT Little Dark Bass

BASS - Phoenix 1901 Buzz

BASS - Radiohead Climbing Swell

BASS - Radiohead Lotus Moog

BPM BASS - A Real Hero

BPM BASS - Grimes Oblivion

BPM BASS - Miami Ocean Drive

BPM SYNTH - alt-J Hunger Pine

BPM SYNTH - Beach Black Car

BPM SYNTH - Beach Lazuli

BPM SYNTH - Chrome Send The Pain

BPM SYNTH - Gorillaz Plastic Beach

BPM SYNTH - Kavinsky Nightcall Arps

BPM SYNTH - Merriweather Arps

BPM SYNTH - Tame Endors Toi Arp

BPM SYNTH - Tame Nangs Wahwah

LEAD - 1975 Heart Out

LEAD - Chromatic Shadow String

LEAD - Future Seasons Flute

LEAD - Gorillaz Andromeda Bright

LEAD - Gotye Used To Know

LEAD - Gus Talk Funny Prune

LEAD - MGMT Electric Feel

LEAD - MGMT Kids Vibrato

LEAD - MGMT Pretending Time

LEAD - Neon Polish Girl SH

LEAD - Pond Firewater

LEAD - Pond Painted Silver

LEAD - Tame Endors Lead

LEAD - Tame Let It Happen

LEAD - Tame Lost Yesterday

LEAD - Tame Nangs Lead

LEAD - Toro y Mirage

LEAD - Tycho Jetty Sine

LEAD - Tycho L Moog

PAD - Chromatic Shadow

PAD - Ferreira Embarrassing

PAD - Future Seasons Pad

PAD - MGMT Workout Strings

PAD - Radiohead Staircase Swells

PAD - Trent Like Home

PAD - Tycho Hours Washed

PAD - Wild Letting Go

SYNTH - 1975 Dreams

SYNTH - 1975 Settle Down

SYNTH - BadBad Speak Gently

SYNTH - Blake Whatever Way

SYNTH - Caribou Can't Do Without

SYNTH - Com Iteration

SYNTH - Com Propagation

SYNTH - Com Schematic

SYNTH - Future Seasons Keys

SYNTH - Hopkins Breathe This Air

SYNTH - Mac Another One Lead

SYNTH - Mac Chamber of Juno

SYNTH - Mac First Time Chords

SYNTH - Mac First Time Lead

SYNTH - Mac On The Level

SYNTH - Orange Jewelry Swell

SYNTH - Part Time Drive Keys

SYNTH - Phoenix Girlfriend

SYNTH - Phoenix J-Boy CS-80

SYNTH - Radiohead Everything EP

SYNTH - Rex Orange Belly

SYNTH - Tame Let It Happen

SYNTH - Tame Mind Mischief

SYNTH - Tame Nothing Happened

SYNTH - Tycho Walk

Omnisphere 2 from Spectrasonics is required for use and willneed to be updated to at least version 2.6 prior to installation of this patchlibrary. Registered users can update for free by logging into theirSpectrasonics User Account.

Software Requirement Omnisphere 2.6Internet Connection Required Yes
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