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This radical collection of Swirls, Sweeps and Swells will infuse your mixes with momentum and drama!

In the sampling world, there are lots of groove discs out there, but how do you make that great energy-building, heart-pounding climb from one killer groove to the next? How do you add drama and intensity to keep your tracks from just sitting there? Enter TranceFusion, an entire audio disc dedicated to short attention spans.A truly unique addition to the remix and scoring markets, TranceFusion is hundreds of evolving sonic climbers meant to carry your tracks from one groove to the next, or simply to add excitement to a steady pulse. It comes stocked with swooshes, sweeps and swirls, the elements of excitement and motion that fly the listener across an ocean of beats, fusing one groove to the next.


Sweeps include resonant noise, power glides, dark evolvers, percussion sweeps, reversed cymbals, and others that defy description, but are ultimately useful. Designed to cut through the densest mixes, these sonic events swirl above the underlying groove adding contrast and excitement without cluttering up the track.


Other tricks include hits and stabs, lasers, vocal rantings, space transmissions and other weirdness to set off your beats, plus rave and trance style arpeggios and pads.


The sounds were created using a war chest of the hottest vintage and analog gear, from classic VCOs to physical modeling and every wavetable-vectored-linear-additive-frequency-transformed-pulse-code-modulated step in between. The resulting sound is warm and thick - full of interest and depth.


Truly a one-of-a-kind!

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