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Boutique Drums Penny, Ruby & Jolene
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Focusing on rock and metal from the 60s to indie and RnB, the Vibes Drum Bundle with its 24 unique mix presets is the perfect choice for your next song. Recorded at "Hey Hey Studios" in Griffin, Georgia, this 23 GB collection delivers drum kits that are not only sonically impressive, but also full of character.


Included Libraries Overview:

Penny is arguably the most vibey and versatile kit so far. Musical Sampling initially sought to create a kit that paid homage to the tighter rock drum mixes popularized in the 60's and 70's. They covered the toms and snare with cloth to dampen the decay/ring-out and incorporated some vintage mics used in that period alongside their modern array of microphones and gear.


Ruby was created with drummer Brian Scoggin (Casting Crowns) who curated a rock kit comprised of truly boutique drum pieces - recorded at Hey Hey Studios in Griffin, Georgia for it's outstanding acoustics and engineering; a remarkable space providing a tasteful balance of both room and character.


While Ruby celebrate the heavy, Jolene is all about vibe -- great for indie, alternative, country and pop. As per usual, Musical Sampling included a collection of "baked-in" mix presets that cater to a variety of musical contexts. From the pillowy, intimate punchiness of 'Sunshine' to the portly, attitudinal 'Lola' preset, Jolene has got you covered.


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OS X 10.6 &10.7 = until 4.2.4

OS X 10.8 and higher = no longer supported

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OS X 10.6 = until 5.0.3

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Mac OS 10.12 = 5.6.1 - latest

Mac OS 10.13 = latest

Mac OS 10.14 = latest

Mac OS 10.15 = latest

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Mac OS 10.12 -10.15 (latest update)


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Vista = until 5.2.0

Windows 7 = latest

Windows 8 & 10 = latest

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Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack)


1GB free disk space


Additional hard drive space according to the librarys size



Stand-Alone | VST | Audio Units | ASIO | CoreAudio | WASAPI| AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)

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