Control your video content easily with our joystick, instant replay, digital video controllers and more. Our many choices will be sure to suit your workflow and budget.


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  1. AIDA Imaging VISCA Serial and IP PTZ Camera Controller
    As low as $495.00
  2. Air Fly (vMix) with Blue Pill
    With Air Fly you have a full featured desktop controller for live switching with Tricaster, ATEM or vMix systems at a very competitive price point.
  3. Avid S1 - Mixing Board Slimline Control Surface
    Avid S1 EUCON-Enabled Desktop Control Surface
  4. BirdDog PTZ Keyboard
    The Worlds First NDI PTZ Keyboard
  5. Black Magic DaVinci Resolve
    As low as $295.00
  6. Blue Pill
    Blue Pill
  7. BZBGear BG-Commander Universal Advanced IP/RS232/422 Controller (3rd Gen)
    Universal Advanced Serial and IP Joystick Controller (IP/RS232/422)
  8. C-K200 PTZ Control Keyboard
    Controllable up to 14 cameras, PELCO-D/P, VISCA protocol, RS-422/485,232 communication
  9. DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor with DaVinci Resolve
    DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor with DaVinci Resolve
  10. NEW
    Grass Valley PTZ Controller
  11. HC-JOY-G4 PTZ Joystick Keyboard (Gen4)
    HC-JOY-G4 PTZ Joystick Keyboard (Gen4)
  12. IP Control Surface
    As low as $660.25
  13. Master Key One with Blue Pill
    Old school luxury panels for live production switching
  14. Micro Fly
    Micro Fly - a statement of dedication to the simple solutions. When you need "just one button".
  15. Mini Fly
    SKAARHOJ controllers excel in live switching. The Mini Fly is your Swiss Army knife. Its super compact and yet super exible, perfect for small live productions with 6 cameras, audio monitoring and transitions. And the six four-way buttons with OLED displays extend its power beyond imagination. Dont get us started...
  16. MT-TX200C Camera Remote Controller
    MT-TX200C Camera Remote Controller
  17. NewTek 3Play
    As low as $18,995.00
  18. NewTek TriCaster
    As low as $7,295.00
  19. NewTek Tricaster Mini
    As low as $2,595.00
  20. PT-JOY-G4 IP Joystick keyboard (Gen4)
    All-New Versatile Joystick
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